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  1. She blushed as he mentioned spanking her. “Helios!” she said as she looked at him shocked. What if someone else, like a healer, would have heard that? Z would be mortified."As soon as we’re all home, you’ll get them painted electric blue... Hope you’ll like them..." she said smirking back at him. She was excited for the wedding even though she would miss her family deeply. "I forgive you, this time... and this time only..." she said as he nuzzled his nose against the side of her face. "Good thing it’s not a person... I would have been worried you’d prefer it over me or our son...” she said chuckling.She stuck her tongue out at his next words.”Leave my vagina out of this...Besides, Damon is more into my breasts because they can feed him...” she said trying to lighten up the mood trying not to cry again. As he told her that her comment was cute she smiled at him her eyes swimming in tears. She half-laughed, half-cried as he said he loved baby hormones on her. She watched as he left and wished she could have left with him. Of course it was weird for them to have separate rooms and Z would mention it once she’d be home with Damon. She wanted to share a bedroom. Not just from time to time. Just like a married couple would... Her old room could either be a guest room or a play room for when Damon was older or something... Claire was getting worried that Helios didn’t get her message and sent him a howler wanting to make sure the emergency tone in her voice would get him back here ASAP. She sent it and hoped it would work. “MR. ACHILLES, COME QUICK. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR WIFE. SHE LOST A LOT OF BLOOD. YOUR SON IS BEING TAKEN CARE OF BUT WE WOULD LIKE IT IF YOU COULD COME BACK HERE AS SOON AS YOU CAN.” After watching the bird fly away, she thought of sending the same message with her Hummingbird Patronus in case it didn’t work. Maybe seeing light could wake him up? Z was still out and had to be transferred into another unit to get blood transfusion and had to be intubated since she didn’t appear to be breathing on her own.
  2. She nodded back. “Of course I’ll try... Can’t talk behind your back with you, right?” she joked. She laughed at his comment about not being a bridesmaid and a husband. "But, but... you’d look pwetty in a dwess, baby...and I couwd paint youw nails..” she teased back in a baby voice, before laughing again. As he told her about getting leaflets about Rome, she clapped in her hands excitedly. "Yay for planning!" As much as she wanted to be his MRS, she could wait, so she could plan the perfect thing. She slightly blushed as he replied to her when she said to him that she would be his in any way he wanted her. Obviously having just had a baby, they would have to work around it. She kept squealing and laughing as he kept tickling her for a little longer and was trying to catch her breath as he stopped. “Thank... you...Can...barely...breathe...” Considering that Z body ached from almost everywhere, her side was already sore, so it would not have made any difference. She chuckled as she saw his face lit up as she gave him his teddy unicorn back. "I know. I want you happy and I know how much you like it, so now you get to keep yours..." She agreed on his reply after she reminded him she was an animagus. "True. I don’t want to ever be separated from him for too long..."she sighed softly, as she caressed the baby’s cheek. Watching father and son together made Z’s heart melt again. She felt lucky that she had such a great man as Helios was. Caring and loving, protecting his family from any harm. “You guys are so cute together...makes me fall in love with you all over again...” she told him softly before biting her lip. Those stupid baby hormones were really making her a weeping mess. As he nudged her while she cried, she looked at him smiling through her tears. "Baby hormones... healer said that it would be like that for a while...I am just overwhelmed with emotion, I am so happy. I feel so loved." she said back to him softly, still weeping. Wiping her tears from her cheeks, she smiled at his words and watched as he put Damon in his bed. "He looks like an angel...Damon is my little angel..." she said softly as a smile crept up her lips. She wrapped her arms around him, wincing a little and lowered his head as she lifted hers so their lips could meet. After a few minutes of kissing and holding her fiancé, a healer came in telling them Helios needed to leave. She pecked his lips and watched as he was going to head back home whike she would have to stay here with Damon. As Z and Damon were now alone, Z sighed. This all felt surreal to her. She got up, a bit too fast and collapsed to the ground, fainting. About an hour later Damon could be heard wailing and a healer rushed in wondering if everything was alright and called out for another healer. This was an emergency whatever it was. Z was put back in her bed and healers were checking her trying to understand what had happened while one of them was taking care of the baby. Claire sent a message to Helios hoping he would get it and come back as quick as possible.
  3. "I don't know her that much either.... It would feel weird..."she replied to his suggestion. She felt slightly disappointed about it right now. "I'm not even sure I'd have any bridesmaids either...I feel like a loser, no friends, no family...well except you and Damon of course..." What was she going to do? Did she need to do anything? She had no idea... "Ooooh.....Rome sounds romantic...I wouldn't mind that at all." As long as she had her man the rest didn't matter much. Heck, she wouldn't mind a camping trip as a honeymoon... She looked at him fondly smiling at him at his words. "I'll be yours any way you want me, sir..." she teased him. She squealed as he kept tickling her and laughed at the same time, She begged him to stop, slightly out of breath. She was laughing so hard tears sprung from her eyes. Hearing him say something about the unicorn being his comfort item, she reached for her wand that lay on the table next to her and casted a gemino spell on the plush toy so there would be another unicorn. "There. Keep yours, sweetie. Got my own fluffy friend..." she winked at him as she stared at her sexy man lost in her memories. "I am one, but that won't help..." she said trying to joke about it even if her heart sank a little. She watched father and son getting teary eyed as Helios leaned down to kiss Damon, seeing Helios smile softly as the baby made a small mummer. It was so adorable to witness that, she put a hand over her mouth trying to calm down the tears. She kept her eyes on them as Helios paced softly with Damon in his arms. Once Helios sat on the edge of her bed looking at the bundle of joy in his arms, she stared from one to the other and back to Helios as he thanked her. "Oh, Helios, stop it... I'm going to..." unable to finish her sentence (saying she was going to cry),she cried like a baby, overwhelmed by all sorts of emotions and adding to what they just shared together as Damon had finally come into their lives. Through her tears, she managed to blurt out: "I-I....l-love...y-you....s-so....m-much....He-Helios...I-...d-don't d-deserve som-someone l-like y-you....t-too g-good f-for m-me..."
  4. "For my maid of honor... With Yani gone...It’s just weird... I don’t feel comfortable to ask Bruno’s fiancée, Reyna, to do it... I barely know her...” she replied to him. "Of course, you can pick your tux unless it’s a horrible color like orange or something creepy and old..." she said chuckling. "Somewhere romantic? Maybe somewhere abroad? I’m pretty open about it... Do you have anything in mind?" she replied trying to calm down. Zella wanted the same thing he wanted her to enjoy about the wedding, the only shadows in there right now were her parents and her weight which made her unhappy. She looked at him with lust filled eyes as he said he couldn’t wait to call her Mrs Helios. "I can't wait for you to call me that, either... Been waiting for three years..." she laughed remembering her last few years at school when he had started teaching and he was her former head of house. She giggled as the stubble from his face tickled her skin. She couldn’t stop giggling as she told him it tickled knowing he might as well tease her a little with it. Z was happy with how everything had turned out for them. Looking back at how things started between them she’d never thought they’d be living together, engaged and so in love with each other as they couldn’t wait to be married, raising Damon together. Z shook her head and chuckled as he reacted to her asking for his stuffed unicorn.”Sir, yes, sir!” she said jokingly. “So attached to a stuffed are adorable babe.." She watched as he got up and sighed. “We wish you could stay...” She took Damon’s tiny hand and waved goodbye to Helios with it. “Daddy needs a hug, Damon.”She winked at Helios as she handed him the baby.
  5. Z frowned a bit as she saw Helios shake his head at her. Once she heard his words, she felt so moved, her eyes welled up once more. He was so perfect. So caring. Truth be told, during these last months of pregnancy, she had felt like crap. Like a giant whale about to explode. The only thing making her upset even more was the fact that her dream of her parents attending her wedding would never happen. Ever since she graduated (and even before that...) they had disapproved of anything she did. Always saying she didn't aim high enough. Now that she was a Professor and Head of house she had stupidly thought that they'd be proud of her. Heck she even tried reaching out to them telling them she was in fact Professor and Head of house at Beauxbatons, that they'd be grandparents and that when she and Helios would fix a date for the wedding they would be welcome, but all they replied was that they didn't even believe that either Zella keeping such a high responsibility job, nor that the wedding would actually be happening, which managed to crush Zella's vision of having her parents in her life again. They didn't even comment on the baby news. She had cried for days about that. She never found the courage to tell Helios. Looking at her man, she listened as he spoke about sending a message to Bruno, then saying he'll ask him next time he'll see him. "Of course, honey. I have no idea who to ask for..." She cleared her throat, feeling overwhelmed once again. Her sister (and twin) Yani had died of unknown causes a month ago, adding to Zella's misery, she would have want her to be at her wedding, but now she'd probably only be there in spirit... She was slightly upset by Helios' words as even though he hadn't called her fat, she felt like he just did. She knew that pregnancy came with extra weight gain, but she thought that was one of the things that sucked the most besides morning sickness. She wondered if he'd find her undesirable now that she had a baby. Her body would change again... "Fine... A month." she said without much enthusiasm. After that emotional journey of giving birth, Zella felt blessed as she looked at her perfect little man that was Damon. she'd make sure to shower him with love, the same amount she wished she had from her own parents. "I love YOU my handsome fiancé." she replied smiling at him as he kissed her cheek. As she nursed the baby once he woke up, she listened to the midwife as she listed everything they could or couldn't do. That list seemed to go on forever. Z was slightly scared of being discharged from the hospital tomorrow, but knowing that Helios would be there to help made her relax a bit. She wasn't alone in this. She sighed as she knew the end of visiting hours were coming soon and Helios would have to go. She asked if he could lend her his unicorn for the night, a pleading look on her face.
  6. "Me too...I would not even care for a dress... or a big wedding. I just want us. You, me, Bruno, Reyna, the baby. Just us. How about in two weeks... would you be okay with that? This way we could get used to our new life with our baby?" she replied smiling back at him. As long as she had her baby and Helios, the rest didn’t matter. Heck she would get married in a potato sack if she had to. Sure Zella’s emotions were all over the place. No it didn’t mean she had the right to be rude to Helios, she didn’t mean to, but the pain she felt as she pushed and him encouraging her as she tried her best to stay calm made her snap at him unwillingly. She couldn’t wait for the baby to get out to get her body back to herself. Looking at Helios, she started imagining having many more babies...Hopefully, after they’d be at ease with this baby they would want more. Zella felt sore and panicked until the baby took his first breath. It had felt like the world had stopped until he did. They held each other relieved that the baby seemed fine. Zella was a bit traumatized by the screams coming out of her son. Oh dear, he was a screamer! Looking at her son made her fall in love with Helios all over again, he looked a lot like his father, except that he had more of Zella’s skin complexion. Damon was such a cutie she felt the mother connection to her baby instantly. As Helios leaned in and kissed her tenderly after she cried at his words,she whispered back against his lips: "I love you, Helios." She then watched as Helios then leaned and kissed Damon's head before sitting back down. She enjoyed his affection. It meant so much to her to be showered with love. Having had a bad experience with her parents disapproving of anything she did, she really felt loved right now thanks to Helios. She smirked as he snuggled with her. He didn’t even understand she meant the baby, but she liked him close like that.Seeing him smirk at her once he realized she meant Damon, made her laugh softly. “We can cuddle later, it’s daddy and son cuddling time...” Fast asleep after that, she was unaware of the nappy changing even if her baby screamed. She was after all sore and tired from birthing Damon, which was understandable. About an hour later, Zella was awaken by Damon’s screams and went to get him, she cooed at him and nursed him once more. She hummed, still easily teary eyed. He was so perfect.
  7. Zella watched as Sage made a canonball as he got into the pool and Nicole quickly followed him in. She laughed and took her swimcover off and handed Damon to Helios to dive in herself. As she resurfaced, she wiped hair away from her face and she called out for Helios, Samantha and Sam to come in as well. "Come on guys, the water's good!" Then she added for Helios, smirking as she pointed at him fake threateningly: "Don't even think of doing anything crazy with that baby in your arms...." She then laughed.
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  9. CODE TO GET CREDIT: Name: Year: House: Participating students(include house): Challenge(s): Link to RP:
  10. At Beauxbatons we have classrooms for our RP Challenge lists, but the actual Role Play can take place anywhere in the castle. Each Professor will make one thread in their classroom. It is up to the student to post the code, including links to any Challenges completed, in this thread. You may complete up to 3 challenges per thread linked. Challenges completed will earn all student participants 20 House Points. In order to be considered complete, each listed writer must have 5+ posts. RP Challenges for First Years/Anyone. Practice the wand lighting charm Search DADA classroom for Dark Creatures (watch out for doxies!) De-gnome the school yard Use the knockback jinx on someone Attack someone with the curse of the bogies Discuss what is a dark creature Recruit people to form a dueling club Pretend to have been hit by the babbling curse in front of Professor Ravel RP Challenges for Second-Fourth Years 1. Act like a werewolf in class Find a boggart Research the cure for werewolf bites Create a smokescreen to escape a situation Have a duel in the Great Hall Owl Level RP Challenges for Fifth Years Practice your patronus Discuss which form you think your patronus wil be NEWT Readiness RP Challenges for Sixth & Seventh Years Sneak someone into school grounds Get caught using an unforgivable curse Practise non-verbal spells
  11. She laughed at his words. Even with contractions, she was glad to be able to eat a little."You're wonderful, babe...I'm glad... I'll be soon married... to you..." Seeing him blush as she declared her love for him made her heart melt. Her eyes welled up at his words back to her. Enjoying her sandwich, she said: "Finally I got ham!" she said chuckling, closing her eyes as he stroked her cheek softly. She knew it was hard for him to see her in pan like that. After she screamed at him, hearing him say her name coldly, made her shed tears. Tears because of the pain, of course, but also because she had shouted at him for something stupid they couldn't control. She closed her eyes a bit as he dabbed her head from the sweat. Once the baby came out, she cried out in pain as the baby had caused a few perineal lacerations. She had to have many stitches down there. Zella was holding Helios tight as she prayed for the baby to cry. When he did cry she buried her face in his chest as they both sobbed like little babies themselves both relieved the baby was alive. "I thought we had lost our baby..." she replied. "I thought it was all over, Helios..." She cried harder at the thought. She grinned back to Helios as she held her son. She was tired, yes, but she felt more powerful now that the baby was in her arms. She inspected him, making sure all his toes and fingers were there, or something. "That would make good wedding vows..." she said kissing him back, tears running down her cheek, visibly touched by the words Helios said. She thanked Helios for the help, watching Damon close his eyes as he enjoyed his first meal. Once he was done, Zella smiled and held him on her chest, patting his back and humming to him. "Me too..." she said looking as Helios had a smug smile on and closed his eyes snuggled up to her. She poked him on the side and said: "Take your shirt off...someone wants to cuddle with you..." She smirked as if she meant her, but she actually meant Damon. She waited until Helios was bare chested and placed the baby on his chest, caressing the baby's hair as she looked at him."There you go little guy..." She then told Helios: "I'm going to rest a little....sore and tired...wake me up if I don't..."Closing her eyes, she soon fell into dreamland.
  12. She looked at him fondly as he gave her a goofy grin. She was indeed enjoying the ham she couldn't stand throughout her pregnancy. At his words, she reopened her eyes and said chuckling: "Yes please!" She placed a hand over his as he stroked her arm. "I love you so much, Mr. Achilles..." and she blew him a kiss. She sipped on her water occasionally and sighed as she was done eating. "That was so good..." She caressed her belly humming lightly, already so much in love with their baby. She was really trying to make him relax as she really needed him to be there for her. She was panicked enough herself, so she didn't want him to be panicking too. She smiled and chuckled as he agreed to five the baby Bruno's name as a middle name. "Damon Bruno Achilles it is then...Go team Achilles!" She laughed at the last part before she started to feel the painful contractions coming back. She looked at Helios as he grabbed her hand, crushing his as she was in pain and tried to smile at him, but could only grimace. All Z could think of right now was to yell at everyone to shut the heck up. "Shut up! What do you think I'm doing here, Helios?" She winced and screamed as the pain intensified. As he stroked her cheek, whispering, it seemed to be all she needed to get that baby out. She pushed and pushed, groaning and cursing, sweat all over her forehead. She cried hard as she wasn't hearing the baby crying. She buried her face in his chest, chanting softly "Please cry, baby.... Please cry for mommy..." as Helios kissed her back softly mopping her cheeks of water. She mouthed to him: "I'm scared...." She looked at the healers trying to get the baby to cry and almost thought it was all over. That their baby was gone. As Damon finally he cried, Zella sobbed just as hard as Helios did as she held on to him. "I can't believe it either, Helios." she said and then watched as the healers brought Damon towards them. The thought of him being dead broke her heart just as much as his probably would. She smiled as he wiped both their tears. "I'm sorry for yelling at you like that...." She didn't mean to do that, but the pain had made her intolerant to anyone trying to soothe her as she was pushing the baby out. She watched as Helios cut the cord, loving the sight of her two men together. Helios' smile then was a memory she would keep forever in her heart and in her mind. She kept smiling as Helios brought the baby over. She had tears in her eyes as he kissed the baby's head. She cradled the baby in her arms, staring at him in awe as Helios sat besides her. "He's perfect!" She closed her eyes as her fiancé kissed her forehead and thanked her. "Thank you, Helios, for opening your heart to let me in..." The baby then started crying and Zella asked Helios to help her take the gown down for skin to skin contact with the baby and even trying to nurse him as she unwrapped him from the blanket he was in. She cooed at the baby as he closed his mouth on her nipple and started sucking on it. "You're a champion, Damon.... Yeah... You scared the hell out of mommy and daddy, but you're a champion. I love you. Daddy loves you too." She rested her head on Helios's shoulder as she watched Damon, caressing his tiny hand as he fed himself. Tears welled her eyes again.
  13. Welcome to the team!
  14. Zella wondered who Sam had been talking to, but decided not to say anything. After all, it was none of her business. "Hey Sam! Oh trust me, I've seen worse..." She frowned as he spoke of Dorian. "Who's Dorian? Or I should say what is Dorian, exactly?" She took a seat as the baby began squirming and wailing a little in his carrier and patted his back as she tried to soothe him. Soon after it seemed to have worked as he was back to sleep. "How have you been? Last, and first, time we saw each other, you were still trying to find your way around here, if I remember correctly...We haven't had the chance to speak much on the ship, so I'm hoping that you have some spare time to catch up?" She smiled at him and stiffled a yawn. "I'm sorry, I still have some sleep to catch up on, but I wanted to speak to someone older than Damon...Helios is in the middle of a meeting, so I took a change dropping by your office..l"
  15. Z had found out that Samuel was the newest Faucon Head of house and it brought her back to the previous year where they had randomly met in the streets as he was lost. now here she was, engaged and a new mother. She had decided to take the opportunity to go to his office for a chat as Damon was sleeping in his baby carrier. She kissed the baby's forehead, supporting his back as they walked to Sam's office. She knocked on the door and waited for the man to answer. @Professor Samuel Acres