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  1. Helena was the last person on earth who would preach about trying to make peace and be one happy family. She and Azreal were barely back on good terms, and that was putting it nicely, so the future was uncertain. Having a baby together didn't automatically make you a family and she knew that, besides she was jaded and didn't think she'd ever find a happy relationship. She wasn't thrilled when she'd gotten knocked up but slowly she was making peace with the idea she'd have a spawn to care for. She wasn't the best person alive ora perfect role model but she was going to try and be there for the parasite and Missy. Missy switched the chairs back and apologized, Helena nodded at her. "I'm sorry for faking contractions but I needed help out of the chair. Then they turned into real ones so I'm not sure if that makes me a liar." Hel had no filter but at least she was honest, being a parent was going to be hard on her.
  2. Helena wasn't really concerned at this time with her relationship with Missy, some resentment and problems were natural at this point in time. As long as she proved she wouldn't be bullied, needed respect, and wasn't going anywhere Helena figured she and Missy could work it out but that was something for another time. He was doing all this positive talk about the parasite all the time and usually she just let it go, but now she wanted to punch him for it. She didn't because she knew she wasn't in the best humor and the imminent expulsion of the parasite was the reason why so she needed to keep herself in somewhat check. "They don't help the stabbing pain!" She informed him, somehow managing not to sound like a total bitch. Irregardless she was a good little lady and did the breathing techniques even though they didn't do anything but annoy her and make her feel light headed. She did her best not to bitch and moan about things because it was half her fault she was in this situation. She flopped unceremoniously into the wheelchair and focused on not letting the pain overwhelm her.
  3. Okay so maybe this whole thing was mean but if Helena didn't do it chances were the girl she would think she was a doormat and try to walk all over her and that wouldn't be allowed. Helena was not trying nor would she ever try to be the girl's mother, and while it would be nice if they got along and liked each other Missy was not required to like her. Helena of all people could understand the resentment of seeing someone who wasn't your mother with your dad, a new trophy wife for Lyre every two to five years assured that. But the hell if the girl was going to disrespect her, wasn't going to happen. Missy sent off another owl and the braxton hicks contractions began to subside, causing her to slump against the chair. "Might be a false alarm. I'll need a few more minutes to be sure." She said taking a deep breath trying to relax, this parasite was gonna be the death of her.
  4. Helena had been miserable as she swelled larger and larger, and the fact she still had to walk all those stairs at work hadn't helped her out either. Then her collapse chair inside the Common Room was seen as a joke, students either moved it or Azreal's daughter had taken to replacing it with one she couldn't get out of. She had fixed Missy good though the last time she'd done it, nothing like false labor to scare the girl into shaping up and it convinced Helena maybe there was hope for her to be a decent parent. Even if she wasn't Azreal would still be a good parent so the kid would have at least one normal, good parent which was more than most people got. What pushed the woman further into unhappiness was the alarming rate she continued to grow but not expel her parasite, the date the baby had been conceived was no mystery so they knew when it should pop out. However the damn thing seemed to be as stubborn as it's father, and while she panicked the Healers assured her everything was fine with her precious parasite and she needed to remain patient. Bull shit was all it was, but now that they had set a date to forcibly evict the parasite it decided to appear because that was just her luck. God bless Azreal he'd done everything and them some to indulge her lately but she was miserable. At least she had been at his house when she decided to erupt, so he could get her to the hospital. "I'm clearly breathing Azreal, if I wan't I'd be passed out on the floor!" She hissed, squeezing his hand as she cried out in pain.
  5. Helena hated to be the one to burst Missy's bubble but even if her mom was still alive Helena would be in the picture, it was only because the woman had died that poor Azreal had learned he was the girl's father. Since then he was trying to do everything he could to make it right with Missy and Helena understood that and would never stop him from trying or to separate the pair. She wasn't the world's nicest woman but she understood family, even if her own sucked ass. "Call the Healers? I mean I don't know. I'm glad this thing finally wants to come -oooooooh!" She cried grabbing her stomach.
  6. This woman was a godsend, she had the patience of a saint too. Most people would've slapped Helena or kicked her out by now, and the woman most definitely deserved it. The woman said she understood and Helena nodded, she probably say a lot of females like her. "Thank you, I'm sure I'll see you soon." Helena said sadly, then got up and left.
  7. Helena was trying to be reasonable about this whole thing, but honestly there was nothing reasonable at all about this situation. She was the last person on the planet who should be having children, or pregnant to begin with. However, it was only her own fault so she had nobody but herself to blame. "Sorry, I'm not trying to be shitty to you I'm just really freaked out about well everything right now." She told the woman honestly giving a shrug. She gather up the potions and other things the woman had given her, she needed some time to think. "Unless I need to know something else I'd like to go." She wanted to hide forever.
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  9. Helena was as big as a house and she knew it, at least she had managed to find cute maternity clothes in Paris last time she'd gone. However the idea that even the largest size she'd gotten was now getting tight was slightly unnerving so to speak. She knew she hadn't hit her due date yet but she was starting to get anxious about getting this baby out of her, she really wanted to be able to see her feet again too. "Unless you look for him -ow- you don't. Don't ask me how the patronus knows. OW!" She explained, pain wrenching her body occasionally. Damn Azreal for inseminating her with his super swimmers, it just wasn't fair it had only been one time and look where it got them! "Well I can't really drink anything worth a damn right now. So no, thank you though." She asked gripping the chair arm, knuckles turning white.
  10. Helena watched as the girl realized what she said, it was almost as if the horror was finally settling in. "Like right OOOOOW!" Helena howled in pain, it wasn't all fake though. She had been having braxton hicks contractions lately so she was beginning to learn the signs, honestly they were just pissing her off for the most part because it was like teasing her in the worst way. "Yes...St...Mungo's." Helena panted, keeping up the act. The girl offered her hands and Helena slowly reached toward them as not to raise the girl's heckles, she interlaced her fingers in Missy's and unceremoniously heaved herself to her feet. Once she was upright she let the girl have her hands back. "Oh OW! Where is Azreal damnit?" She wailed leaning against the chair, holding her stomach as a particularly mean contraction took her. "Dear god I like these shoes, please don't break water!" Helena said, so it wasn't true but she had to play it up.
  11. Speaking of the devil, well his daughter in this case, Missy entered the Common Room and asked if she was alright. She was sure she was red and still panting for breath from the stairs. "Swell. Debating on if I could get away with sliding down banisters." She responded with a shrug, although it would be fine until the staircases switched while you were in the middle. Though she was sure there had to be some sort of fail-safe that would catch her if she slid off, they just couldn't have people or students falling to their death because the staircases got the whim to move-it'd be bad for business. The most exciting part about this parasite at the moment was the fact it was going to be exiting her body, and soon. "Nah, just need to catch my breath and I'll be fine." And liquor, lots of liquor. However, she couldn't have any right now so it sucked big fat hairy balls. "Oh great. I'll just hang out here then since it's hard for me to get out of this one. Oh owwww. Oh dear, I think labor may be starting. My water will probably break right here and ruin your nice chair." Helena could play that game too.
  12. Helena had just hoofed it down the stairs from her classroom, thankfully it was all down this direction but when you were the size of a beached whale and couldn't see your feet it was still hard on your body. She kept petitioning Ashley for an elevator, hell an escalator even but the woman was evil and kept saying no. Helena's hormones kept telling her it was because Ashley was Azreal's best friend and she was trying to punish her in some way for him, but logic said it just didn't make sense to put them in a castle this old and it would ruin the architecture. Still all these stairs were hell on her heavily pregnant body, she was due any day (thank god) and that awful Healer was trying to convince her that cardio and activity would help bring on the labor but Helena called bullshit. Entering the Common Room she was a sweaty mess and panting for breath, she hadn't seen her feet since month five so not much could be said of them. She collapsed into the nearest chair not realizing it was the extra plush one she could get out of on her own, she'd learned that two months ago. She wished the fucking kids in her house would stop reorganizing the Common Room, she'd pulled the ugly plaid chair right next to the door for a reason. @Artemis Gregorovitch
  13. The Healer told her that the sickness shouldn't last the whole pregnancy and Helena gave her a disbelieving look, she wasn't trying to be mean but she'd kind of been blindsided here with this whole thing. "No offense to you but if they lied about morning sickness this could be wrong. Are you telling me it goes away for 100% of women late in the pregnancy?" Helena asked, it was her luck she'd puke the whole thing because the world hated her. Right now it was like the world was ending because she was carrying Azreal's spawn, and it was a total oops. "But isn't nonstop all the time just part of the baby joy." Hel said dryly.
  14. First (1) Mina Taylor (F) Muggle 10/15 Second (2) Quinn Merigold (F) Half 3/19 Winnifred Nott-Weasley (F) Pure 3/12 Third (1) Felicity Rose (F) Half 10/15 Fourth (2) Beckett Devine (M) Half 12/31 Brent Daniels (M) Muggle 7/18 Fifth (5) Artemis Gregorovitch (F) Half 4/21 Esmeralda McLaggen (F) Half 2/15 Narcissus Chiarotti (M) Half 6/30 Philippa Amelia Parker (F) Half 2/27 Rowan Krynauw (M) Pure 1/1 Sixth (7) Clarissa Cosgrove (F) Pure 8/14 Delphine Knight (F) Half 4/22 Echo Norling (M) Half 3/5 Felix Kershaw (M) Half 3/8 Flora Finch-Fletchly (F) Half 2/27 Jenna Kingsley (F) Half 5/1 Mithos Mahldahnia (M) Creature 11/22 Seventh (8) Cherry Summers (F) Half 10/31 Eason Winters (M) Half 5/16 Helena Francis (F) Muggle 9/4 Keir Pottinger (M) Muggle 6/22 Lily Potter (F) Half 8/6 Persephone Fowler (F) Half 8/17 Phobos Areleous (M) Half 1/19 Rosabella Zabini (F) Pure 7/24 Totals: Overall Total: 26 M: 10 F: 16 GF: 0 T: 0 Updated: 8/2
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