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  1. Her cheeks turned a deeper shade of delicious pink and Seth grinned, he should be ashamed or feel bad for making her blush but he didn't care. "Okay, definitely every five minutes then." He teased her, chuckling. Of course it wouldn't be that often but it might be depending what was going on at the moment, some things would prompt it more frequently than others but it was guaranteed every time he saw her he'd likely tell her at least once. "Works for me." He replied with a shrug. He put his arm around her as she snuggled back in, reaching for more candy he tried to focus on the movie again but found it harder to do than before.
  2. Seth really wasn't a masochist all the time, but something about Brooklyn made him want to take control of this moment and show her just what he was capable of. Shit they had waited this long so he sure as fuck was going to show her the best time of her life even if it killed him, she would be worth it. She chuckled at his growl and the corners of his mouth tugged up, at least even when he was being moody he could amuse her it seemed. She grabbed his head and Seth let her have her way, whatever she needed from him he was here to give her. Pulling her forward Seth reached his hand around her back and unfastened it with two fingers, releasing her breasts so his hungry hands could explore them.
  3. Seth was doing his best not to bounce back and forth on his feet, he was an adult and could act like it for crying out loud. Not to mention he had to be on his best behavior to impress his girlfriend, she needed to know it was safe to take him into public and he could act appropriate. "You're welcome baby." He told her, shutting the door behind them so there were no accidents once they started. Settling into the seat he nodded to the driver they were ready. Throwing an arm over her he waited for her to settle the blanket down so they could get all warm and snuggly.
  4. While it was nice to know she wouldn't have noticed that didn't give Seth leeway to just oogle her whenever he wanted, he didn't want to act like a pig because he wasn't one. He was making an honest effort with her because he liked her. Seth was impressed with her shot, he figured with some more practice he could have her making wild shots like he did if she wanted. "Not one for compliments huh?" He asked, retrieving their balls and them. Returning to her by the hole he offered her her's.
  5. Seth was convinced at this moment in time even a blind man would enjoy the site of Brook's half naked body, and if any man didn't he was likely gay (which he didn't care about) but should still be able to appreciate the work of art it was. Of course the thought of other men seeing her body naked made him kind of growly so now wasn't a good time to think about that kind of thing honestly. She giggled when Seth picked her up and he just gave a kind of deal with it look, as long as she wasn't complaining he was continuing. He worked the spot on her neck when she responded, however he stopped when she started getting huffy. Seth used his hips to pin her to the wall and lifted his arms so she could remove the garment, growling when he had to break contact with her neck but fair was fair. Once the sirt was gone he went back to ravishing her.
  6. Breathing was overrated, of course that was Horny Seth again. If it got to the point of almost passing out he'd surely realize the fault in that logic but it probably would take something that dramatic as Horny Seth was pretty one track minded. She blushed at his compliment and Seth stroked her pink cheeks, she was a vision honestly. "So I can't tell you you're beautiful even if it's true?" He teased her in his typical good nature. She said they should stop and Seth nodded, it made sense for now. "For now probably. We'll revisit this later." He told her, not mad one bit.
  7. Seth didn't exactly have business smarts but he did have some common sense, although one could argue that considering the number of knocks he took to the head as a boxer. Besides she couldn't afford to lose this place, Brook hadn't said it specifically but he could tell things would be bad if she did. The face she made at his suggestion was adorable and it melted her heart, he wanted to kiss the tip of her nose but was sure it wasn't exactly appropriate. "Deal. See you then. Thanks for sharing lunch with me Brooklyn." Seth said. Stepping to the door he gave her a wink before he slipped out and headed back for the alley, whistling to himself.
  8. Seth tried to think of something to keep his body from responding from her's but it was likely he was failing miserably. She shouldn't be so beautiful and kiss him like that if she didn't want to get poked. Although considering they just become official now likely wasn't the time to be doing this, they should get to know each other a little better. That was rational Seth thinking, however he was currently checked out and horny Seth was in the building. She pulled away and Seth was thankful for it, this could go down the slippery slope too fast if they weren't careful. "So beautiful." He told her softly.
  9. Seth hoped he wasn't rushing her by doing this, however she had been the one to pretty much tell him she was ready so he didn't think that was the case. In fact most couples had probably progressed to this already but Seth and his lack of game moved at a turtle pace clearly, especially consider she had to ask him out. However, it was likely time because if he didn't get relief soon the poor man was likely to blow. Brooklyn undressed and Seth was thankful he wasn't a blind man so he could enjoy the beauty of her body, and he wanted to enjoy and appreciate every inch of her. Seth groaned looking her over again, he picked her up and pressed her back against the wall. "So goddamn beautiful." He murmured, starting to work on her neck alternating between kisses, gentle nips, and sucking lightly.
  10. Seth hoped his impulsiveness and lack of game wasn't going to hurt him, he liked Brooklyn but wasn't sure what to do about it. She said Ah and Seth tilted his head at her, kind of looking like a puppy, but just shrugged then went back to looking at the hole. Seth made sure not to stare as she took her shot, he didn't want to make her uncomfortable. He watched her shot and whistled as her ball rolled under the turtle. "Impressive." He told her honestly.
  11. Seth wished he was confident enough, or liked people enough to own his own business. However, he wasn't very good at talking to people or customer service which was probably why he worked with cranky goblins all day. "If you're closed all the time you don't make money." Seth observed soundly, couldn't have her life's work go under. Although should they ever want to do anything it did make things nice to know she had free availability. Seth felt like he didn't want to go back to work but you couldn't keep the aforementioned goblins waiting. "That sounds perfect. Are we trying weird flavors this time?" He asked with a grin.
  12. At least Seth didn't have to twist her arm about paying, he knew she was a capable woman but he liked taking care of her just because he could. He knew if things changed and he was broke she would be willing to do the same for it. He sipped on his cocoa as he waited for the sleigh to pull up to them, putting his arm around Brooke to keep her warm. Moments like this he realized how much smaller she was than him, not that he minded because you could pick short women up and yeah.... The sleigh with the white horse pulled up and Seth brought her forward, opening the door for her then offering his free hand to help her get in. "Ladies first."
  13. Now that they were doing there wasn't any logical reason Seth could think that they had waited this long to do it, probably his intentions of being noble and shit. Either way he wasn't opposed to this by any stretch of the imagination. She stroke the front of his pants and Seth thought he was going to come unglued, it'd been entirely too long since he'd had sex. Breathing deep through his nose he reminded himself to chill out, Brooke was delicate and he didn't want to get too rough. Tearing away from her lips he stared at her for a moment, panting hard. "Strip." He commanded.
  14. Seth was probably bouncing around on the balls of his feet like a child but he didn't care, Christmas was in the air and it was magical. He had the fondest memories of Christmas for as long as he could remember and he hoped he only got to make more as he got older, and he really hoped they included Brooklyn. She let him pay and Seth puffed up in pride, he didn't think she wasn't able to pay but taking care of her made him feel like he was successful at something in life for once. Seth waited as she assessed the horses, she said she didn't care then changed her mind. "I think it is perfect!" He exclaimed, getting the man's attention to get their sleigh for them.
  15. Seth was an idiot and he knew so, which is exactly why he was mentally chastising himself for being such an awkward taco. This is exactly why Seth didn't have a girlfriend, besides not a lot of free time, the poor man didn't have any game. "You're welcome." He chirped normally, trying to maintain some sense of dignity. She said she underestimated his mini golf skills and he gave her a lopsided grin. "We are Americans are pretty crazy about Mini golf." He told her proudly stepping out of the way, waiting for her to make her shot.