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  2. Cal felt awful, not only for herself but for him as he had done nothing wrong and was now caught up in this because her parents were jerks. She knew this was something she would have eventually had to discuss with him, her parents being purists and all, but she hadn't imagined it would be anywhere near this soon. If she ever found out who was passing information on to her parents she was going to kick them in the shin, as hard as she could. She bit her lip when she heard he'd gotten it through the gossip train, not sure if that was better or worse to be honest. If he had heard it first hand he would know what her father really said which wasn't good, however with hearing it from the gossip train it could have been horribly twisted. Both made her heart hurt because neither of them were good, and it hurt him which was worse. "I mean I know they're my parents and I should listen to them..." She said sighing. "But I don't want to! I don't think you're not good enough for me. I like you and I want to keep seeing you!" She told him, bursting into tears.
  3. When it came to crappy days this had to be pretty near the top when it came to ones Callista had so far, of course leave it to her parents to ruin anything good in her life again. For years she had been a good girl, did well in school, made prefect, and (mostly) obeyed them over everything, yet they couldn't let her have any happiness. Of course not, she thought bitterly. It wasn't just the fact he was a boy, it was that he was muggle born and wouldn't be useful for her parents in making connections in the pureblood world. Even if he had been pureblood it might not have made a difference, if he wasn't from the right family they still would have forbade any interaction so the families of possible suitors didn't question her integrity. She wanted to scream yet she wanted to cry at the same time, as always she wasn't more than a tool for her parents to use to their benefit. Cal was so tired of being told what to do like a dog, she wanted to see Theo because he made her happy for the first time in her life. Of course her parents wanted to take that away, Theo was a threat to all the plans they had laid out for her from the moment she graduated. She was so engrossed in her embarrassment over everyone hearing the howler and her hatred of her parents that she didn't hear anyone approaching, when they sat down she almost snapped at them to go away until she realized it was Theo. Her heart soared at seeing him, and butterflies erupted in her stomach. If feeling that was wrong then she didn't want to be right. "So I guess that means you heard." Was all she said, quietly. She hoped he hadn't heard the howler firsthand, but she couldn't be sure.
  4. Snow was rare in France so the school had thought it would give the students the afternoon off to enjoy it, especially since Christmas was almost here. All the pre-break tests were already over in her classes at least so them missing a day didn't matter much. Besides it suited her mood, she was sulking and she didn't care. She'd gotten a particularly nasty howler from her father this morning and she was upset over it still, and she was still puzzled that the man even knew she was hanging out with Theo and his blood status. Not to mention she'd made the mistake of opening the blasted thing in the halls so it was likely half the school heard her father and she was ashamed. Once it finished shouting at her she headed right out here, the gardens usually brought her peace but with it being winter the dead plants matched her mood perfectly. Sitting down on a bench she sulked, not bothering to brush the snow off before she sat so her jeans were beginning to get wet.
  5. At this moment in time nothing was certain so it was understandable neither of them would be willing to open up about things like their past or their families. Besides Cal's was full of nutters, or so she thought, so there was not point in sharing in case he thought she was the same way. To be fair sometimes she wondered if she was adopted or something because she was so entirely different from her parents, besides looks she was nothing like the pair. Of course she didn't know a lot about them when they were younger before she came along, her dad never talked about it and her mother usually couldn't be bothered with her so she had stopped trying to ask questions years ago about things. Callista was so intrigued by him, he could open up a new side of life for her and she wanted that so much and she wanted it now. His reply had her blush deepening, he was something else and she was getting better at picking up implications. "Promises promises." She blurted before slapping a hand over her mouth again, apparently her filter was hit and miss with him. He nudged her should softly and Cal smiled, it was such a sweet thing for him to do. It was in that moment she realized she could easily open herself up to this boy if things went properly, she should have been scared but wasn't for some reason. "I'm sorry to be such a bully." She teased him quietly. She'd spent her entire life closed off and being dull, didn't she deserve a little bit of fun for once? Honestly, what was the worst that could happen? He would be there with her so she had faith everything would be okay and even if it wasn't together they could manage to fix it. She wanted to do it but it would take reassurance and encouragement from him to do it when the time came, otherwise she'd be running back to her rock to hide under if he let her. Since she wasn't the responsible one for once she would let him plan it and worry about what could possibly go wrong, besides if she was the responsible one she'd stress out too much and they'd never get to do it. Even if something like bodily harm came from her fun time she wouldn't blame him, this was something she wanted to do for herself and it wouldn't be his fault. This was important to her, and even if he didn't help her make it happen he had opened the door and she would do it by herself if she had to. Callista had put her foot in her mouth with Theo now, that selective filter was going to get her in so much trouble and there was nothing she could seemingly do to make it better. "Being around a boy." She asked, heavily embarrassed but she was honest to a fault. Even if she hadn't admitted it now she was sure he could just look at her with those beautiful eyes, give her the smolder and she'd tell him anyways. His arm went around her waist and she felt giddy, she leaned back slightly so she was pressing against him and it was a comfort. She shivered at his breath on her neck, it had goosebumps rising on her skin and made her entire body feel flushed. Thank god he couldn't see her face otherwise she might be in trouble, or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, jumping his bones was not the appropriate thing to do at this moment and she should be ashamed of herself for even thinking about it. Okay so it wouldn't be full out like sex but she would kiss the hell out of him and in her world that might as well be sex. He said magic was easier and she shook her head. "No, I want to do it this way." Cal informed him, leaning harder against the knife which pierced the bark this time.
  7. Cal would never push him to reveal anything about himself he wasn't comfortable doing, she hoped that he would trust her enough to tell her when he was ready. She also understood that some secrets you just couldn't tell, she respected that too because everyone deserved privacy. It was easy to understand why he thought she might pity him or feel bad for him, people had a way of doing that but she didn't like pity because it was pointless in her opinion. She felt driven to touch the boy so she lightly brushed her hand against his momentarily, feeling silly for doing it but something about him compelled her to want to touch him all the time. "Good." She blushed but she was secretly pleased at his promise. She was such an innocent, but moments like this she believed she actually had a shot at a normal life before reality came crashing back down. "Later." She gave him a smile, feeling more confident then she had in ages. It was funny how things changed when you finally had someone around you who wasn't constantly tearing you down. "Well that isn't fair. What if I want fun?" She asked reasonably. She had seen how much fun he had last night before face planting and the idea kind of appealed to her to be honest since her life was usually dull and drab. Not to mention he would be there the whole time so she was sure he'd take care of her, or at least she hoped so. Hopefully the offer wasn't driven out of some needs to possibly make reprimands for her taking care of him last night, in fact the idea had her frowning which had a crinkle forming between her brows. There she was thinking the worst of him again when he'd not given her much reason to, aside from the whole bath fiasco last night, shaking her head she cleared the thought away. Even still he apologized for that and he was intoxicated so it wasn't really a fair representation of him in her opinion. If Callista knew she was making him feel better about himself she would have been sure to praise him more, not because she felt like she had to but because she wanted to build him up like he did her. He didn't say anything about her eyes misting up and she appreciated it, he did kiss the tip of her nose a few times and she felt herself melt as well as sighing. She relaxed when he placed her hand over his heart, it was so reassuring to feel it beating under her hand. Leaning into his touch was natural now, that didn't mean she didn't blush lightly though as his thumb brushed her cheek. Callista almost blurted something out she didn't mean to but managed to find the power to filter herself for once, now wasn't the right time to be saying something forward like that so it was probably better she managed to hush up for once. Then she caught sight of his face and her control slipped, he was so beautiful it just wasn't fair. "Is it always like this?" She spilled, then flushed red. He probably wouldn't understand what she was asking so she'd have to clarify which would just make her embarrassed but that is what she got for her lack of self control around him. Of course if she wasn't such an innocent then maybe she wouldn't have this problem around him, but to be honest she wasn't sure even if that changed she wouldn't have the problem as he was so damn beautiful so she was going to blame it all on that fact. This tree was clearly important to him so she felt touched that he had brought her here, like she was special and seeing a part of him not everyone else did. She watched as he pulled something out of his pocket and frowned, she had no earthly idea what the device was but she was sure he would explain. He slipped something plastic in her hand and she couldn't even stare because he was guiding her hand toward the tree, she could inspect it later. Theo kissed her neck and she shivered in delight, not caring one bit if her body happened to brush his while she did. What a little hussy she was turning into. Listening to his words she nodded, it made sense but she felt the need to do this by hand. "I might need help." She didn't care how girly that sounded, she was weak and she knew it. Irregardless she took the objected and pressed it into the bark of the tree, finding it a bit harder than she expected.
  8. Callista's heart swelled when he said he would do his best to please her, and her cheeks went a little pink at the implications it could have. Of course she knew he wasn't implying them but that didn't mean her mind didn't go there, something about him sent her body haywire and into a frenzy. "I'm sure you will." She said with a smile. "Please me I mean." She explained, very well aware of how it sounded but not really caring about that at the moment. She trusted him with every bit of herself even though she didn't realize it. She chuckled at his next comment, it would be something fun to look back on. "Only if you ask me too." She said with a relaxed smile, finally not feeling so taunt around him. The only way Theo was going to know if he could trust her or not with his past was with time and then to eventually tell her about it. Some people might have been hateful and cruel about it but she wouldn't be, everyone in the world deserved kindness in her opinion. That might make her soft or stupid but it was honestly how she felt, not to mention she thought you got further with kindness anyways. She would never ask Theo to be someone he wasn't with her, him being himself was all she would want from him. "Maybe, I've never been out of control before." She told him with a shrug. It had always seemed so dangerous before but if she had him with her she would be willing to try it as long as he stayed with her for the whole thing, she needed someone there for her who she could lean on for once. "Good, I don't want you to." She told him shyly as he kissed her hand gently, gods the boy made her heart melt without trying. "That is sweet, thank you. No one has ever been like that for me." She admitted, eyes getting a bit misty. Cal was not trying to make him uncomfortable or anything, she just had no idea how to respond to his attention. It was sweet and flattering, she wanted it but never having it before she wasn't fully sure how to reciprocate it either. Although if she kept the verbal diarrhea maybe it wouldn't be so hard, maybe she should listen to her natural instincts about this even if it made her uncomfortable. He intertwined their fingers and Callista felt like she was floating, like a stranger watching this whole thing outside her body instead of living it. "Always." She replied quietly, not sure if he'd be able to hear but it was okay either way. He lead her through the grounds to the forest, she had never been here before because she'd been too nervous but with him by her side she felt confident enough to enter and not worry. "Oh, okay." She listened as he explained about the tree. As he went on she examined the carvings in the tree, it was so sweet to see that he did something like this. "I will, with what?" She asked. She also didn't consider that her puny arms may not be strong enough to carve her name by herself.
  9. Cal had never considered her innocence to be a good thing; mostly she got made fun of for it and felt awkward about everything since her parents had seen fit to shelter her. Okay so that wasn’t totally fair, they didn’t control her here at school but at this point it was easier to keep being sheltered than explore and possibly make a fool of herself. Of course she had been doing just fine until Theo walked in the door last night, and just like that her world was totally upended. “I’m sorry, I want to believe it. I’m more of a seeing it kind of person-I like tangible.” She replied. It was nice to believe the world was all rainbows and sunshine but if he wanted her to believe it then he was going to have to prove it, it wasn’t because she didn’t want to she was just jaded when it came to trusting people thanks to her parents. Although, a piece of her soul was longing to do more and be wild and reckless for once-with him. His next words had her cheeks flushing again, he wasn’t implying that but that didn’t mean she didn’t think about it. “Careful, you may be biting off more than you can chew.” Callista told him simply. Trying to imagine what someone else had been through wasn’t easy, especially for her; the horrors of his past would be unimaginable to someone who was so sheltered, and if there was one thing about Cal it was she was a bleeding heart. She knew there was safety in sticking to what she knew but for some reason this boy fascinated her, it was like a moth being drawn to a flame and even at the risk of getting burnt she couldn’t stay away. No matter what he’d done in his life Cal could see past it, as long as he didn’t hurt her she could practically forgive anything. “Well I can’t say I have any experience in that, but as long as you are okay with it.” She shrugged, realizing how silly she sounded. There was no taking it back now, man she really needed to learn to filter herself around him so she didn’t just blurt out whatever came to mind. “No, it means you’re here now.” The second it was out of her mouth she slapped her hand over her mouth and flushed deeply, so much for a filter. “I doubt that.” She replied, giving a small laugh. She didn’t believe it of course, but it was sweet of him to say so. “I can handle it as long as you protect me.” She flushed again, but him protecting her warmed her heart-not that she’d admit to it. Callista had never experienced any of the things in his past, so she didn’t have room to judge him or make assumptions. However, she was well aware not everyone got to live a fairytale life because she’d seen it with her parents and it was the type of life they were more than content to send her into even though they hated it. Just thinking about the arranged marriage they were plotting for her made her shudder, she’d never survive that as she wasn’t strong enough. Callista fidgeted in his lap nervously after his apology, this whole was like a rollercoaster ride and she couldn’t keep up with the twisting and turning. “Oh.” Callista mumbled looking at her hands. She honestly wasn’t sure whether to be pleased he liked her like that or upset that he didn’t feel like she would be willing to try more. The last part of that thought shocked her a little, she didn’t understand where it had come from but if she wasn’t careful she’d turn into a hussy with thoughts like that. He took her hand and placed it on his cheek so she could feel the heat and she gave a weak smile looking at him again. Theo shifted, helping her up then got up himself and she picked up her bag awkwardly wondering if their moment was over. “Of course.” She told him, eyes full of trust. Slipping her hand into his she relaxed at being in contact with him again.
  10. Theo had a much better chance at seeing and believing in pure, innocent love than she did at the moment. However, that only came from the fact the boy had real experience when it came down to it while she had none whatsoever which is why it seemed like nothing but a childish fantasy to her. "I mean honestly here, don't just say it because it sounds good and I want to hear it." The girl preferred honesty above everything else, even if it was something that was going to hurt her. She lived in a world of lies at home and that was why she felt so strongly about it, she didn't want the life her parents had or to live in the world they lived it. That might seem hypocritical considering they were in the highest peek of society with all the money in the world but it didn't mean anything to her without honesty. Cal had made that very clear to her parents several times and they just scoffed at her, telling her she would one day understand how things worked and change her mind. They didn't seem to understand that no matter how much they tried they couldn't brainwash her into believing them or doing exactly what they wanted her to do, she was too strong willed for that. Thank goodness he kept his Greek Goddess comparisons to himself, that would have her convinced he was full of it and just trying to get into her pants and didn't care about her. It totally wasn't the case but a compliment like that would've had her heckles up. "That sounds like so much fun." She didn't dare tell him she wanted it all, she'd never gotten to do anything with a boy so she wanted the full experience and with only him. "When you say stuff like that it make me just feel like flying." Cal was sure that probably didn't make much sense to him but it was sweet even if he wouldn't realize that. Cal cared too much about people in pain to just leave him on the floor. Sure he'd been an intoxicated mess but that didn't mean he didn't deserve the same compassion she'd give to anyone else who was hurt, he was still a human and should be treated that no matter what his state was. The problem with the situation had been trying to disconcert his true feelings and intentions, intoxicated people did a lot of things they wouldn't normally-including kissing a hella awkward and shy girl. So while she had wanted to explore him more, not that she would admit that, she didn't want to take advantage of him especially if it was something he wouldn't have truly wanted if he had been sober. She was such a little goodie two shoes at the end of the day, something her parents said would be destroyed one day but she just ignored them. "I'm not sure, being drunk may have helped your cause. I didn't think you'd remember anything." She admitted with a shrug, it was the truth so he deserved to know. In fact she had counted on it which was really the only reason she'd let things go so far, although now that he was sober it was easier for her to see and accept that he may actually want to get to know her. She would say be with her but she strongly believed kissing wasn't an entire relationship and once he realized how boring and dull she was he'd be running for the hills. "Why exactly is it a good thing I hit you?" She asked confused, sure someone could argue he deserved it but she didn't believe he had. What he had done wasn't nice but she blamed a lot of it on the intoxication and the other part on her failure to lock the door or use spells to alert her he was coming. "Depends, are you as needy as a puppy?" She asked, teasing. It was nice to see him relax with her, he seemed so taunt all the time seeing him relax was like seeing a whole other part of him. The fact he was willing to show her that made her feel special, although maybe he shared it with everyone so maybe she wasn't special at all. "If I ignore them they ignore me, well they did until you came along." Cal shrugged, not knowing what to make of that. Having never been attracted to anyone or in a relationship before she didn't quite understand jealousy. Theo was so tightly wound all the time that the littlest thing seemed to send him spiraling, Callista wondered what had happened to make him be like that. Not that there was anything wrong with the way he was, but she wanted to understand why Theo was the way he was so maybe she could understand her attraction to him. She certainly wasn't blind or unfeeling but there had to be something special about him that made her pay attention to him and notice him when she'd been mostly oblivious to boys up until now. Additionally, something about him had her bouncing all over the place that even she couldn't even predict what she was going to do or say next, it was rather disconcerting to her actually. Why was she acting like a such a silly tart? Just because he was a boy didn't mean she needed to turn into a babbling mess who couldn't form a single thought. It was easy enough to say but all it would take was him looking at her and she'd loose her train of thought and turn into a marshmallow. Apparently he didn't believe her when she said being himself without the injuries was enough, she squeezed his hands gently. "Trust me Theo you are." She said nodding. He looked so darn adorable pouting and sulking she just wanted to make a big fuss over it, although she had serious doubts he would appreciate such a thing and likely only end up sulking more if she mentioned it. However that reaction quickly changed when she blurted out something stupid, even though it was what she wanted. Callista almost closed her eyes not wanting to see his face as he processed everything. Hopeful and sure could quickly turned to crushed and broken hearted if he didn't reciprocate the feelings. Hope quickly turned to panic as he didn't move or respond, he sat there dumbfounded and she felt her mouth go dry and tears start to sting her eyes. What the hell had she been thinking? She wasn't brave, and she couldn't say things like that to a boy! He leaned forward and took her waist, stroking her hair she still couldn't get a handle on the blind panic she felt rising inside herself and she tried to prepare herself for the coming rejection. However, she relaxed as soon as his lips touched her's; he started out hesitant at first but then implored her for more which she willingly gave returning his kiss with a hunger that surprised herself. Callista didn't even protest as he pulled her into his lap, she just put her arms around his neck and squished herself to him. He pulled away and Callista felt disappointed at first but she realized she was feeling a bit lightheaded, she was panting for breath and she realized she was acting like a tart again. Her body felt like it was on fire and her eyes sparkled with a new gleam, she was flying away until reality hit. He apologized and she stared at him dumbfounded, then shame starting rising and her panic again so she dropped her arms from his neck. Lacing her hands together so she wouldn't touch him again she resisted the urge to scramble away and hide. "Oh okay." She responded weakly, eyes on her hands.
  11. It wasn't just as easy as flipping a switch to get her to trust him and just try things, gods she desperately wanted to but she had too many inhibitions to just let everything go and throw caution to the wind. It was easy for to see he was a good person beneath everything but would he be that person or keep acting afool? She was not about to dedicate herself to someone who wouldn't do the same in return, she liked who he was when he was softer and open with her. Just because he didn't show everyone who he truly was, she of all people could understand that, didn't mean he couldn't show her. Callista was the last person in the world who would judge him, she didn't have any right and always wanted to see the best in people. Part of it was her being naive of course but she honestly believed that every person had some good inside of them if you just looked hard enough. However, if she wasn't careful the wrong person could take advantage of her because of that trusting nature she had. Luckily she hadn't been burned before because of it but that didn't mean it couldn't happen. Her parents constantly lectured her about it but she just ignored them and rolled her eyes, there was no way they could be right about it. Chances are she wouldn't see the truth before it was too late and was already hurt, being hurt scared her more than anything else in the world and that was why she was so hesitant to do or try anything. There was just something about him that had her dying to give him every bit of her, but she was so scared she would get hurt if she did. Even still there was something different about Theo that made her feel alive, he could easily become an addiction if she let him. "That sounds really nice, but do people actually do that?" Cal was still naive in the ways of how relationships worked, she didn't know what a realistic date actually was. Her cheeks tinged at the mention of a bath together, it actually sounded like it could be enjoyable. Wasn't it ironic how other couples messing around in the baths made her go to the prefects bathroom, meet him, and now they were discussing the very thing that had her running away before-talk about coming full circle. Theo was far more charming than he gave himself credit for, hadn't he kissed her when no one else had even come close to capturing her attention? Not to mention she had kissed him back. He also had her acting totally out of character all the time, so while it might not seem like his charms didn't work on her they did. Cal didn't have what one would call normal reactions to things so that was probably why he thought she was immune to his charms and good looks but she truly wasn't, what good looks they were too. His hair was so soft too, a boy who cared about his hair a little but not too much was a rare thing to find, just thinking about his hair hand her fingers longing to feel it again. It was strange to want to do something like that to a boy she'd just met when she'd never really paid attention to one closely before in her life, they all seemed so drab and she felt like she was too much of an odd duck to attract their notice. Callista wasn't sure if Theo being seemingly upfront with her was a good thing or a bad thing, he could either be sincere and desperately trying to show her that or just trying to get into her pants and trying to take the express route. He asked her if they could try and she frowned, reminding herself she wouldn't bite her lip because it would just encourage him and while she wanted that she didn't at the same time. "Can we get to know each other a little first?" She mumbled, it wasn't no forever it was "I need some time to adjust to the whole idea of this thing". It really had nothing to do with him, it was more of her perceived shortcomings and conviction he would eventually come to his senses and realize she wasn't interesting or worthy of his time. He tilted her head up and Callista felt her heart jump to her throat, he was so beautiful and while she liked his attention she still felt the need to shy away from it. "Sorry people, especially good looking strangers, don't usually stare at me. I don't know how to handle it." She blurted out before her brain could filter it, either way there was no taking it back now. Apparently he was amused at the idea of her stepping over him, while he didn't know her he should've figured out by now that she wouldn't have done something like that by now. Would he have deserved it? Maybe, but it still wasn't her. She only would've left him if he'd tried to peep at her or remove her towel, if that had been the case she would've still felt guilty about leaving but her anger would've overridden her compulsion to help him. Then again if she had left him they probably would've just parted ways and never paid attention to each other again, he never would've kissed her and she wouldn't have known feeling like this was possible. The idea of missing all that had a dull ache forming in her chest, even if he hurt her she could at least enjoy the ride as long as it lasted. "I accept your apology and remind you it brought us here right now." She shrugged, always had to make the best of any situation no matter what. If he verbalized all his sweet endearments she would've probably been melting into a puddle of mush, she had already softened considerably towards him but that would be her undoing if she wasn't careful. All her life she had craved for someone to care about her while acting aloof and indifferent to the world and people around her so the idea someone might actually care was exciting as well as extremely terrifying. "Nonsense. It needed healed one way or the other." She told him, the longer he waited the more likely it'd have a bump in it. That simply wasn't acceptable, his face was far too pretty to be marred by an imperfection that could've been easily prevented by quick healing. "Sloth or not, my aim is still dreadful." Cal admitted honestly to him. "So you're like a stray puppy and I'm like adopting you?" Okay so maybe that wasn't the best metaphor but it made sense in her head, but she still blushed thinking about it honestly. She wanted to believe him because she wanted him around and to really care about her, it was just getting herself to believe his sincerity. His next comment had her head swinging around the hall eyeing people, boys suspiciously, as if to try and test the validity of his statement. "You're full of it." She replied, simply writing the statement off. "Is that really necessary?" Callista was trying to act affronted but she was pleased as pie. Callista hadn't been trying to make him mad, she was uncomfortable and totally not confrontational so she was always running away from damn near everything or blissfully ignoring it. Dear god it had nothing to do with not liking him, that was what was causing the whole problem for her. He was so good looking too, of course that was genetics and he couldn't be blamed for that but if he had been average looking it would've made it easier for her to accept. His hissed words had her stunned, and she pulled back some clearly stunned at the change in him. It wasn't easy to differentiate if they were all directed at her or the other girls hanging around or if he was truly angry at her or not. Before she could make sense of any of it he was gone and the girls being nosy were rushing to leave as well, Callista couldn't help like feeling she'd just been unintentionally made a target which made her stomach drop. Things had been so much easier yesterday when she was still naive to being able to feel something for a boy and when the world had been ignoring her, now her head was spinning and she could barely make sense of anything. Going to him had been the compulsion to help people, with a mixture of curiosity. His hand healed up and she released the breath she hadn't known she was holding, she hated seeing him hurt himself especially because of her. "You're doing fine without the injuries I promise." She told him honestly. He probably couldn't tell but he'd totally unsettled her life and disrupted the calm her life had been, it was like a raging storm with him now and she wanted more. He took her wand but she didn't feel the usual gripping panic that usually came with it, he wouldn't do anything to her wand. Which he proved her right by dropping it and taking her other hand, she sighed dreamily-mostly to herself. "Are we gonna do this or what? I think you know I like you a lot, but you're 'bout to miss your shot. Are you gonna kiss me or not?" Callista stared at him waiting for a response, simultaneously horrified and pleased. She honestly couldn't believe what she'd just blurted out but was pleased that she managed to express herself. Hopefully she'd done it in a manner that left no confusion for him about what she wanted from him right now.
  12. To say Callista had doubts was an understatement, she had enough doubts for everyone in the room right now then another half of the Castle. It wasn't that she didn't want to believe Theo's intentions were true but she couldn't be sure she could trust him, or anyone else for that matter when it came down to it. Hell she didn't even trust her parents but they weren't exactly deserving of trust, they didn't care a lick about her only what she could do to help there standing in society. She faced constant lectures because she refused to act like a high society debutante and refused to have a coming out party when she'd come of age or be presented to society, like she would've managed to do either without blundering them beyond all reason. Her parents kept trying to push her into a mold that she just didn't fit into, not because they wanted the best for her but because they wanted her to make them look good. In her opinion if they wanted to look better than maybe they needed to stop having affairs, she was well aware that divorce wasn't an option in their tier of society. Callista was still incredulous they had even gotten married knowing they didn't love each other, not to mention had her. But appearances had to be kept up so that was why she was here, although to be fair she was probably a test tube baby because it was unlikely her parents would've ever willing had sex with each other. Although Callista would never be able to trust anyone if she didn't give them the chance to prove themselves, it still didn't make it any less scary for her. He awoke something in her she hadn't known existed and now that she knew she wasn't sure she could ignore it, and if she did ignore she knew she'd only be lying to herself. "I just meant there had to be something more interesting that both of us could do together." Open mouth, insert foot. Callista realized how bad it sounded and knew she had to be just about tomato, oh well there was no taking it back now. Although he knew her deep dark secret of being totally innocent so he would understand how she meant it, at least she hoped so. She found the idea of doing something more than kissing him terrifying, not because she wouldn't enjoy it but because she would enjoy it. The idea of it had her body awakening in a way she hadn't experienced ever before, whether she wanted to believe it or not Theo was important to her. While Theo had problems properly expressing himself she didn't, she often was so unawares and said too much or was entirely too blunt. Although had she known anything about him she would've been more understanding, it also would've softened her a lot more to him and the way he acted. It of course wouldn't be sympathy but he probably would've taken her extra kindness for such so it was better she didn't know at this point. He had the right to his secrets at this point. She was intrigued enough by him that his past wouldn't have changed her opinion of him. Everything about him was enough to draw her in like a bee to a flower, and she was helpless to resisted him even if she pretended otherwise. Kissing him had been like she'd read about in all her novels, everything about her hummed and she wanted to nothing more than throw herself in his arms begging him to kiss her again. Though she didn't have the courage for such a forward gesture, and she felt like someone was possessing her body when she got urges like that. Maybe it wasn't a matter of not being herself when he was around, rather finally being herself for once in her life. She was stunned with that realization, she would have to think about it later when he wasn't right next to her making her thoughts all fuzzy. Oh how he had occupied her thoughts as she was trying to fall asleep last night, the softness of his hair as her fingers tangled in it and how nice his lips were. Not to mention how much she would like for him to just hold her again, there was something peaceful about being wrapped up in his arms for her. He touched her again and as embarrassed as she was it helped feel her relaxed, which was funny given how on edge she was around him. "Of course I do." She said quietly, peeking at him briefly before returning her eyes back to her lap. He traced her cheek and jaw line and just like last night she leaned into his touch naturally, enjoying the feeling of his fingers dancing on her skin. While she felt the stabbing disappointment when he stopped touching her she understood he was trying to be respectful and not push her too much because of her lack of experience. It made her trust in him grow a little more. She tilted her head and listened to him, the whole situation last night had been so ridiculous it was almost beyond belief but here they both were this morning. "Should I have just stepped over you and left? That isn't me. Even if what happened after hadn't happened if I had gotten up this morning and something worse had happened to you when I could've done something I'd have felt awful and guilty." She was a gentle soul, and someone who found joy helping others. "I'd say so. Although I don't know how I managed to actually hit you with a bottle." She admitted. Her aim was awful, it was exactly why she didn't play quidditch even though she enjoyed flying so much. As for getting brownie points for not ripping that towel off her he had, it would've been a disaster if he had. She wasn't strong but she'd have tried to break his nose again, which only would've resulted her in hurting her hand honestly. Not to mention it surely would've ruined any chance they had at any kind of relationship, she would've been beyond embarrassed and made sure she never came back to school here. Being naked wasn't that much of a big deal but he was a boy and if he'd betrayed her trust she never would've trusted another guy again not to mention she probably would've never gotten undressed again. Perhaps given time she may be able to build the trust with him to let him see her that way, although he already practically had. The thought she would be willing to consider such a thing stuck her dumb. While she wanted to completely run away from him partially she also wanted to get to know more about to see maybe if he wasn't lying about wanting her. Hearing what he said hit her right in the chest, he was so sure and passionate that it struck a cord with her. "You're probably right to be that way, a lot of people lose things by not holding on to them. I'm sure there's a line for me." She replied, reaching out and touching his arm briefly. It was easy to tell she was being sarcastic about the last part, she couldn't believe he was interested in her let alone there could be someone else. "I'm not a princess." She mumbled, but was clearly a little pleased he thought so. Theo's hands loosened and Callista felt relief and disappointment simultaneously, the only really good part about it was that she could breathe a little easier. Being this close to him again reminded her again how warm he was, and how much she'd like to sleep to fall asleep in his lap because of that fact. "People are staring at me, extremely maliciously may I add. Since they don't normally do that I figured since you caused it you could at least hide me from the looks." Callista said wilting, apparently going to him for protection when he brought hostility to her life wasn't an option. It was actually a little disappointing because she'd wanted to be close to him and feel like he would save her from the mean people around them right now or just in general. Things were going weird of course but then they took an abrupt turn as he placed her back down on the bench, she yelped again but it was only surprise. Her cheeks went red again at his accusation and she didn't even bother to say anything because he hit the nail right on the head. She wasn't trying to run away because she wasn't interested in him, it was because she was and didn't know how to handle that. She was extremely shy as it was and he'd just thrust her into the public spotlight in here, how did he expect her to react? She sat dumbfounded at his words as tears begun to sting her eyes, unsure of how to respond but that didn't stop the smug looks from the girls who had been watching them earlier. Gathering her things she hap hazardously threw her things in her bag and rushed out the hall, just in time to catch sight of him heading to a courtyard. She watched him a few moments before she was able to pluck up the courage to walk out to him, even then she had to convince herself not to turn around and flee every step of the way. Sometimes doing what scared you the most was true courage. She stopped in front of him awkwardly before she noticed his hand and gasp, without a second thought she dropped her bag and pulled out her wand. Dropping unceremoniously to the ground she took his hand as gently as she could in her own tiny hand. "Episkey!" She said, hoping it helped. "Oh Theo if you think you have to keep hurting yourself so I'll notice you that isn't the case." Callista said not releasing his hand.
  13. How could Callista not be suspicious of Theo? He was all good looks and charm, she had never had a boy every pay attention to her and never even been kissed until last night. If she was truly attractive wouldn't a boy or girl have noticed her or shown her some interest by now? She was not oblivious enough to be unaware of relationships and how the world worked, she just didn't think that would happen to her for a long time, say after school. That didn't mean the idea didn't appeal to her though. seeing happy couples was like a little stab sometimes knowing she wouldn't likely ever have it. Her expectations were a loveless marriage like her parents had, where everyone ignored their extramarital affairs. However, that didn't mean she didn't hope for true love like the ones in her trashy romance novels, maybe that was what was so disconcerting to her about Theo- the fact he may be able to do that for her. At the same time she didn't want to be wrong about him and his intentions so that combined with lack of experience is what made her so hesitant to spend time with him. The only thing scarier than the thought of them getting together and being happy was it ending; and it surely would because he would grow bored of her, she got to easily attached to risk it. It was easy to write him off last night when he was inebriated but the promise of something more today was a temptation she wasn't sure she'd be able to resist, why did she have to be attracted to him? If she wasn't it would be easy for her to take action to make sure he left her alone. "That is surprisingly sweet, but I'm sure it'd be boring for you." She said before taking a sip of her juice. While some girls could probably be easily distracted by a boy watching them study she was not one of those people, she became totally engrossed in what she was doing and forgot the world. It would be likely she would forget he was even there and get lost in her book or school work for hours at a time without noticing anything outside of her bubble, it was something she'd done for as long as she could remember honestly and in fact pretty much everyone she knew or who noticed it made fun of her for it. Callista really had no idea how much influence she had over him, it was probably the same he had over her after he had kissed her senseless last night. Just the memory of him kissing her had her cheeks going pink, of course he had to be just as good at kissing as he was good looking. Life wasn't fair, he was like the perfect specimen to tempt her from her normal ways. If he was boring it would be easy enough for her to ignore him but no, he was all good looks, charm, soft hair, and a bit of a wild side that had her curious and desperately wanting more. That curiosity was the only thing that hadn't made her completely flee from him yet, but sometimes she was close to. "Oh." Was all she managed as color flooded her cheeks. She was stunned to realize she actually liked the sounds of the idea then instantly appalled with herself for thinking such a thing, at least she hadn't blurted it out because that would surely only make things worse. Not to mention it would surely encourage him and she didn't want that, or did she? As he talked about kissing her she felt like her body was blazing to life, she thought she was the only one who'd had such a strong reaction to the kiss. It was like for the first time in her life she was alive, it was a rush and while she wanted more it was totally terrifying given her normally conservative nature. "I did, but I don't see how that matters." She said so quietly it was almost inaudible, looking at her hand in her lap trying to hide her shame. What was it about this boy that had her all over the board? She was acting strangely, not to mention she was admitting things she most definitely shouldn't if she didn't want to encourage him. She told herself repeatedly that it would be better for the both of them if she just acted aloof and repeatedly shot him down, however her mouth and traitorous body didn't seem to be on the same page as her logical brain. "Everyone deserves compassion, especially when they are hurting. Just because you caused me distress didn't mean you needed to suffer, and you needed some extra help." She told him. She loved to help people who were hurting, and last night it was more than clear he wasn't able to take care of himself. Sure he had upset her but how would she have felt if she'd gotten up this morning and something serious had happened to him that could've been prevented if she'd just helped him? Awful, guilty, and remorseful was exactly how she would've felt. Staying mad at him would've been easy, especially considering he could've forced her into something and wouldn't leave when she desperately wanted him to. Sometimes it was about being the bigger person and letting that anger go, it only made you bitter and often grew like a cancer that would overwhelm you if you let it in her opinion. She listened to his next statement and pondered his logic. "Crush." She said trying the word for the first time, it sounded funny to her own ears but something about it resonated in her head. "How can you be so sure?" Callista was feeling skeptical again, they'd only been around each other less than a few hours. It wasn't so much of what he was saying that caused her hesitation and anxiety, it was how adamant about his feelings that had her reeling. There was no way that kind of emotion could last, especially not towards someone like her so she didn't want to get involved only to have her heart destroyed by him. "So much for chivalry." She said, clearly unimpressed. That stalker vibe she had gotten earlier was returning now that he said he wouldn't leave her alone, but at the same time it was almost flattering. Although, how that made sense no one was sure but she was female. In fact she was too busy trying to decide how to take his comment he was able to catch her unawares and pull her on his lap. She yelped and went rigid causing a number of stares to turn their way in curiosity of what was happening which only made her put her head down to hide her face behind her curtain of hair, which really wouldn't help given her hair would give away her identity. His lips and the feeling of his breath on her ear made her shiver, although she was still really tense. "Put me down." She hissed, halfheartedly trying to escape his lap. "Let me go and we'll go somewhere private to talk." She consented. Of course it was just a ploy to get him to let her go so she could go fleeing from the hall as soon as he did release her.
  14. The boy smiled smugly and Callista wasn't sure what his intentions were, because she definitely wasn't the smartest when it came down to the opposite sex. A lot of boys just came after a girl to get something from her and moved on, but if he wanted that there were definitely a lot easier marks for him to try and pursue. At the same time she was aware someone like herself could be considered a challenge and that was why he was after her, it was totally cliche to chase after the shy girl and make her feel special just to break her heart later because you made a bet with your bros that you could get in her pants. That was the exact reason she was leery of boys, that and the fact she didn't know enough about them to trust them. Not to mention she was so sheltered she didn't know how to tell if someone's intentions were genuine or not, so she knew she would be easy to take advantage of especially by someone so good looking. She would be a fool not to think he was good looking or charming, and he'd already proven he could use that to his advantage when it came to her. She had been alright when she was angry at him but after he'd fallen she softened towards him and become vulnerable to his wicked ways. She couldn't say the memory of his lips on her's wasn't nice, but it wasn't something that she should let happen again. "That doesn't make you sound like a stalker at all." She said giving him the side eye, he'd just gotten her heckles up. Maybe it was supposed to be something sweet and maybe it would've been had they known each other just a little but as it was they were total strangers. Some other girls might have felt flattered to have his attention, that she could understand, but he confused her so much and that made her want him to leave her alone. But you know not really because girl logic. Okay so she'd never had a crush on someone so she didn't know how to act, no one had ever paid enough attention to her for her to know how to respond to attention from someone interested in her. Again she had her trashy romance novels but how well did that translate to real life? Also, she would've had to do something and she definitely didn't have the confidence in herself for that. Had she known the distress she caused him last night she would've profusely apologized before running away and never coming back to school here, but at this point she had no idea so he was safe to continue. "Why can't I?" She asked, releasing her lip from her teeth clearly confused. In fact she was so confused that she totally missed him shortening her name which was sweet. "Man you really were messed up last night, especially if you think that." Okay so maybe she didn't have tact or common sense but her oblivious nature did give the situation some humor. Calli also wasn't intentionally trying to put herself down either just to fish for compliments or to get him to say it again, she really didn't think she was anything special that would merit his attention especially not romantically. "No one deserves to suffer Theo, I couldn't stand by and just watch." The only good thing about this situation was poor Theo seemed to be just as baffled as her about their attraction and what was going on with them, but it was only a small comfort. The girl's casual looks turned to dagger filled glares at the word kissing, apparently he was some hot commodity here in the castle and she was now public enemy number one. If it hadn't been her involved in the situation she probably would've found it funny but Calli liked living in the shadows and staying under the radar. "How can you like someone without knowing them?" She asked back, truly not believing his interest in her. Although she really had no right to ask that question as she was attracted to him and she didn't know him. "If we hangout and I don't enjoy myself or want to do it again will you leave me alone?" She whispered desperately, looking for an out. The girls weren't even being coy about not trying to ease drop now and it made her uncomfortable, enough so she subconsciously slid closer to him so his body shielded her from their unfriendly eyes.
  15. A smug smile graced the boy’s lips and Callista felt herself flush deeper, of course he would be pleased with himself especially since he remembered her acting like a floozy which was something she most definitely was not. Of course she hadn’t helped him out of pity, he hadn’t been able to take care of himself and she did what any decent person would do when presented with the situation. She was also a tender heart so she had to help him, she didn’t like to see anyone or anything suffering when it came down to it especially not when she could do something about it. Of course her reaction would amuse him, it would’ve amused her too if she had been outside of this situation. However, her feeling awkward and out of place didn’t help when he touched her as it made her thoughts go fuzzy and it hard to breathe. “Oh what a shame, I suppose I’ll need to find a tutor elsewhere then.” Of course she wasn’t sorry but she was far too polite to tell him to bugger off, and if last night was anything to go off of he probably wouldn’t even if she told him to anyway. It was annoying, slightly charming as well but more annoying than anything else. Theo, oh just thinking his name was like a punch to the gut, tucked her hair behind her ear and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to sigh or be annoyed. She’d read about what a cute and sweet gesture it was supposed to be in her romance novels but she wasn’t sure it translated to real life. Tilting her head and biting her lip she looked at him, obviously trying to figure something out which wasn’t helped when he touched her cheek again. “You have a thing about touching me huh?” So she didn’t realize how that sounded, and she instantly regretted blurting it out so she hung her head trying to hide her shame. “Oh you’re welcome. I just did what anyone would’ve done given the situation.” She was definitely NOT about to elaborate and announce to the table he’d walked in on her in the bath and refused to leave, besides the nearby girls were already tilting their heads clearly eavesdropping on the conversation. He moved closer and Callista froze, what was it about this kid that he just felt the need to implant himself in her life even though she clearly resisted. To make matters better she was now getting her fair share of glares from the nearby girls, or at least she felt like she was.