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  1. Kinsler nodded "..yep...pretty much.." she said as she linked her fingers with his whenhe started up the stairs and was showing her around. When she looked into his room and he asked what she thought, kinsler smiled as she stepped in, unlinking her fingers with him as she moved closer towards the satin, letting her fingers slightly move over the smoothness "..I love the colors.." she said as she turned to look to him "'s rather comfortable looking here.." she said to him, her dark hair cascading over her shoulders, her eyes brightened as she waited for a moment before sitting g and feeling the softness. she couldn't help but smile slightly as she looked down to the bed, knowing he was more than likely looking at her "...would be comfortable" she added as she looked up to him, her breasts fully accentuated as she leaned forward.
  2. Kinsler hadn't even expected to meet someone like this now the fact was that they were at his place and he had deported the kids, chills running down her spine as he pulled back. What was something so small had her sense swimming out of control as she managed to stabilize herself. when he spoke about kissing her, kinsler went wide eyed for a bit, cheeks slightly pink as her mouth barely gaped open then she cleared her throat "..I...ok..." she waited for a moment as she shocked her head "a tour.. the food will still be here.." she said, looking around for a moment, taking off the glasses and hair tie and then taking off her pink coat, showing the rather provocative pant suit underneath as she looked to him. kinsler smiled softly as she waited for him to show her around, a great view of her naturally given assets in view for him.
  3. " know..Uri?" He said, looking to him as he spoke. When he asked what she was doing in Vegas, kinsler waited for a moment before speaking "..I was a professor at hogwarts and it was winter break and I had been dating Adam for quite a while and we went there for a Christmas have fun on break and was walking down the strip and saw this cute little place there and got married.." kinsler spoke about adam with a smile on his face "..I had always been told I'd never have kids and Charlie was my miracle we had 3.." she said. when he spoke about his place, kinsler nodded "..would be easier than traipsing to my place.." she said asbhe spoke, biting her lower lip in the process. When he spoke about run, kinsler looked to him with a soft grin "..a man after my own heart.." she said, leaning towards him and kissing him, not thinking anything of it at that moment.
  4. Kinsler shook her head as he asked if this way normal " when Charlie wanted to go stayy with his best friend for the summer and I dropped him off..Uri and Tempe both said I needed to enjoy myself" she said to him, not knowing it was the same people they knew. when he gave her a wink, kinsler chuckled a bit before looking back to the menu, knowing full well what he was eating at but not commenting. She had been wrong in the past and it was not something she wanted to do now. when he asked about what she like to drink, kinsler thought for a moment "..well....I do like the apple ales and the lighter stuff. Kinda help relax when I've had a long night. The harder liquors it has to be burbon or whiskey..though it's been a few years on that one...since before I got pregnant with Las Vegas.." she said with a soft grin "..doesn't mean I wouldn't try again..I mean it is going to be a long summer without any of the kids.." kinsler had also got her standing order of the desserts and paid for their order and told the owner to tell his wife she said hi as the bagged order was handed to her "...I've got pretty much anything under the sun at home so...we could drink whatever..." she said to him "...though I don't know how long you plan on staying..if it gets too late..might justvhave to call you transport...or I have rooms." She said as they walked it, her heads towards the left down the street from her place. she hadn't realized for the moment that she had just told him he could stay the night.
  5. Kinsler ignored the mental images that filter into her head, shaking it slightly as hewalkwd off and paid for their things. In that next moment, kinsler let out a soft sigh, unsure of why she was feeling all sorts of mixed emotions when she watched him walking towards the counter, her eyes scanning his backside and quickly coming back up as he came back. When he said hed love to a d what she had in mind, kinsler thought for a moment "..well there is a place nearby that has good food. But the thing's mostly take out...we could get some and take it back to my place for some drinks and relaxing without the bird brains watching.." she said with a slight laugh as she took the bag and motioned for him to follow, staying quiet as she walked out, knowing he would follow. she waited for a moment for him to come out before she walked a little bit in front of him, hips swaying slightly in the process "..they got good meals like stuff with lamb and openfaced sandwiches..but most of the time I go for the pikekyss...they are a dessert, baked meringues.." she said as she stopped just in front of the door to the place "'s basically means Girls kiss." She added as she opened the door. "I usually have a standing order for them.." she said with a slight laugh as she held the door open forhim to follow her in " we can grab whatever here and then back to my place for dinner and drinks.." she said, wondering what his answer would be as she waved hello to the owner.
  6. "I'm not a librarian.." she chuckled as she slightly nudged him in an effort to distract her thoughts. She still kept the glasses and stuff on. When he asked if the babies had a daddy in the picture, kinsler shook her head " was killed In a fire a lot with the rest of his family when the girls were mere months old and Charlie was only a couple years old. Now he's five and the girls are 2" she said, sighing out as she stood there for a moment "...I was minister at the time and was supposed to be there myself but I was running late as Charlie had an accident and I had to change him. Family friend Temperance lost her husband too...they were all related ..." she sighed out then shook her head "nothing I can do now..he wouldn't want me crying over spilt milk as they say." She added. kinsler put a few more things into her basket and started adding things up and pulling out enough coin to pay for them "" she started then looked towards the counter and back "..I have a proposition for you.." she said, not realizing that it could be taken in any other context "...if you can go up and pay for my things for me" she said hildingniut the basket and her count bag "..I'll treat you to dinner and drinks..the kids are away for the summer and honestly I could use the company.." she said, not realizing that she had just asked him out on a date.
  7. Tempe grinned a mischievous look as she tilted her head towards Uri after giving kinsler a wink. Moving towards Uri with a soft sway of her hips, Tempe got down on her knees and slowly ran her hands up his torso, fingers slipping inside his waist band and zipping everything down as if enjoying the slow teasing as she looked to him " know what I'd like to see." She said as she looked to him, kinsler in the background turned away from them as if thinking "..I'd like to see you fuck her.." she said with a wicked grin as she released every bit of his wonderous glory, her tongue slowly sliding up his shaft. tempe watched with an overly excited grin as she slowly teased him, her fingers gripping his thighs as she slowly started to suck on him. meanwhile kinsler had her back turned to them, trying to contemplate things as she shook her head. We're they serious or just toying? She honestly wasn't sure these days. Sucking in a breath, kinsler slowly turned around, waiting for a moment before moving closer towards both of them, feeling Tempe tugging down on her hand and giving her a look of join me down here. Coild she seriously do this? It had been far too long and they were both willing. Mentally chiding herself, kinsler let out her breath as she looked to both of them for a moment then to his length, and leaned in, letting her tongue tangle with Tempe's as they both moved on either side of his cock. She hadn't heard what Tempe had told Uri as she closed her eyes and continued.
  8. Kinsler smiled as he introduced himself "..nice to meet you.." she said in greeting as she looked to him, shielding herself with the shelf. She was trying to not look so out there but it was kinda hard. Letting out a breath as she held the basket, kinsler looked back to xidus "... I have no about you gonfirst and see.." she joked as she gave him a playful smile then threw a thumb towards the ladies at the counter. kinsler pulled out a hair tie and put her hair in a bun then stuffed her jacket into the bag she had been carrying, and put on a set of fake big rimmed glasses as she looked to X "..think I'll get away with it.." she grinned cheekily.
  9. kinsler shrugged her shoulders then gave him a soft smile "..thanks.." she said, looking down at her outfit then to the candles and back ".im broken bones.." she said with a slight joking tone "..dealing with kids...ya kinda get a tough skin" she added, holding the so rather pretty lavender candles "..dang I forgot to grab a basket."" She said, looking around for a basket, barely hearing the flapping of little ones up at the counter. kinsler sat down the two candles and and grabbed the nearest empty basket "..ok now I'm ready.." she said, holding up her basket and putting the candles in "..I'm kinsler by the way.." she said, ignoring the flipping of the people at the counter, which had gotten rather louder. kinsler laughed as she shook her head "...gee you think they've never seen a celebrity before." She said, chuckling slightly behind a shelf as she peeked out then to him.
  10. Kinsler made her way through town, having dropped off Charlie with braelynn and the girls were with family. It felt weird not having the kids for the summer. So she figured she'd make the most of it. stopping to her something cold to drink, kinsler made her way down the sidewalk, stepping into the nearest shop, the candle shop and looked around. She had a thing for candles, especially the spruce ones. looking over some of the bigger candles, one of the workers at the counter was chatting with a customer, mentioning her name and one of her radio shows, looking up and slightly whispering that she was in here. kinsler had picked up two of he bigger candles, not realizing that she was close to X and accidentally bumped into him "..oi sorry about tha.." she said.
  11. Kinsler couldn't help but laugha bit at uri's comment "..hey you said it. Not me.." she said as she put Jeff down whom had toddled off to find braelynn and Charlie. For a moment kinsler looked to Uri with a questioned looked on her face " we haven't talked about that Uri.." she said, knowing what he had thought about "..although that something you'd have to talk to Tempe about.." meanwhile tempe smiled tonuri as he kissed her forehead "..I'll talk whatever.." she said asshe laughed a bit. When kinsler spoke, Tempe couldn't help but laugh a. It as she looked to Uri ".ok whatever you were thinking Uri..I forgot to mention be careful cause she can read them.." she said, giving him a kid then looking to him " what was it..must been good by the look on your face."
  12. Kinz smiled as she played with Jeff, holding him as she looked to Uri "..sparkling cider is about the hardest thing I've drank since Adam..." she said, sighing a bit as she looked down, trying not to cry in the process. she missed him. Charlie was so much like his dad that she couldn't help but think about him. meanwhile Charlie waved bye, not saying anything as he drug his bag, squealingbthr whole way as Tempe laughed and nodded to Uri "'s hard not to think of them..when your kids act like them.." she said as she gave Uri a soft smile "..I thought I'd never be happy again..or find someone that I'd want to spend my life with again..till Uri." Tempe said, not realizing she had just said she wanted to marry him.
  13. "..I'm good.. Charlie has been squealing the whole way..and the girls are spending the summer with's gonna be weird having a quiet house for the summer.." she said as she smiled down to Jeffrey and picked him up to play with him "hello big man.." she said as she nuzzled his face, smiling. tempe was laughing a bit at braelynns face, knowing her thoughts as she mentioned broccoli, knowing what she meant "..ok hunny" she said, then greeted kinsler as she played with Jeff.
  14. "Dude quit wake up your sisters" she shook his head but knowing he wouldn't as she had a barrier set on their car seats. She couldn't help but grin as they pulled up, seeing her son bouncing like that then bolting out the door like a bottle rocket, moving to the door "..I think they can hear you Charlie.." she said with a laugh as she grabbed his bags and the girls car seats and placed them in the strollers. moving closer, kinsler rang the doorbell as she could hear squealing on the inside "..I think she knows." She said to Charlie as she ruffled his hair.