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  1. Bettas moans started to become louder as she was impaled upon his cock the moment he rolled them around, her thighs tightening as she methodically shifted around him ".mmmhmmm." She managed to get out as her hands ran over his as he massaged her breasts. Each moevment over him cause her moans to get louder and louder as her eyes closed, biting her own lower lip as she moved faster, feeling the need to scream out as her walls clenched him like a vise. It was something that felt so wonderful, something that let so long in the making that she hadn't cared about protection. All she wanted was him. "odd!" She moaned out louder as her breasts bounced slightly as she rode him faster and faster, feeling the pressure become overwhelming as her hands went to his chest. She wanted all of him inside her. No pulling out.
  2. Betta had barely time to breath as he swallowed her kisses, her legs opening like a gift for him on Christmas morning. Slowly and surely, Betta cried out softly as he filled her with himself, gasps of pure unfiltered ecstasy whimpering out from her lips as he moved, her body slowly shuddering beneath him. Time stood still as she arched her hips slightly to meet every moevement, every pleasure that seemed to fill all of her sense and beyond. Far too long had things been untouched, underwraps. She wanted so much more and each slow and methodically driven movement into her caused her whimpers to gain so much more depth. so little boundaries left alone. So erotically driven. So wanted and so fully given. "..odd...!" She barely got out above whisper as he whimpers filtered out into the room surrounding them, her breathing becoming heavy as he began to move, Not comprehending the fact that protection should be used or the like. All she carried about was being fully claimed by his rather massive physique and claiming her he was. "..god.:.keep going.." she managed to get out between heard breaths as her hips arched to meet every pleasure filled thrust.
  3. Betta hadn't expected feeling like this ever again but oderic made her feel things that she had thought she had suppressed. His lips felt like a cool drink of water on her skin. The smell of his body wash sent her senses into over drive. "holy hell." She gasped out as he trailed kisses over her, squealing slightly in the process and feeling finger running through her sensitive spot. A mere second after, her body shuddered out as she felt his tongue running over her lower folds, causing her body to instinctively arch towards him as he pinned her arms behind her back "..oh god it's been too long.." she barely got out as her eyes slammed shut, mouth gaped open as if needing air but no doubt d coming out. "yessss" she hisses out through jagged breaths as she wiggles underneath him.
  4. Betta squealed a bit as he scooped her up and tossed her onto the bed, her back hitting the soft pillows as she looked up to him. Normally the never sleptnon the bed together and half the time not even the same room. It scared her to even be with another man, considering her last relationship. but now. She wanted oderic. And she had given into the want and desire that he so often showed her by the kisses he planted on her as the year went on. Still, they hadn't slept together in that whole time. Bit kow she was ready. with her skirt shifted upwards to show the barely there black lace panties, Betta started unzipping her skirt after removing her top and bra, purposefully going slow, wanting to tease him to the brink that he just ripped everything off. looking up to him as he hair fell I. Soft ringlets around her face, Betta looked to him with a rather soft and mischievous look as she faked her zipper getting stuck.
  5. Betta stared at him for what seemed like forever as he spoke, his words sending chills down her spin as he stood between her thighs, practically touching her now pantyless special spot. When he said are ou ready for that, Betta sucked in a breath "not here.." she said as she managed to slip out from between his arms, heading down the hallway as she stopped at her door. It made her nervous to think about it at first. betta sucked in a breath as she finally opened the door and led oderic to the door "...here." She said, biting her lower lip as she looked back and forth to him and the bed. They hadn't been this far and she was nervous and excited all at the same time. "....my bed..." she said, actually wanting to let him in her bed for more than just sleeping.
  6. Bettas hands skated his naked torso as he stood there, sucking I. A heated breath as he bobbled her neck, gulping a bit as he dropped his towel "..." she went to open her mouth to speak but was caught off guard as he lifted her skirt and her onto the counter, standing between her thighs. now all of a sudden she went speechless. what seemed like forever, Betta barely managed a nod yes as she gulped in jagged breath, her hands on his chest as her eyes fluttered shut. She couldn't help but whimper out slightly as she felt his hardness between her thighs, still clothes on her end. they hadn't been this far and when she heard his words about wanting tonight, bettas fingers curled against his chest as her eyes remained shut "...o...k..ok" she managed to get out, wanting to feel him in places almost long forgotten.
  7. Betta stared for quite a bit longer as her mouth went dry, shaking her head no slowly as he kissed her lips ".i think I'm ok.." she managed to get out as he lifted her chin. when he said he wanted to talk,Betta nodded yes as she leaned against the counter, her beer now on the counter of to the side "..so I um... how do I start.."
  8. Betta Shimmied out of her shoes as she came in the door, locking it behind her as as she hun her coat up, not realizing that she had left her wand on the table and moved to grab a drink from the fridge. A well deserved bottle of grapefruit beer. hearing the air release as she popped the top, Betta took a sip and set the bottle down, sighing out a bit as she thought about her words. She had tried so many times to tell him what she was but they had always got interrupted. Was it the wrong time or what? She couldn't quite figure out that one but ultimately she needed to say something before shit got the fan. Or he found where she hid the owl and her potion ingredients or the fact that she never needed a vehicle. "..hello.." she called out, sipping on her beer as she called out from the doorway, wondering if oderic was home. He had helped her through so much and they had been dating for quite sometime. But the thing was they hadn't rushed into a physical relationship and had time to talk. Or not talk. She had so many feeling that she wasn't sure what to feel. She knew she had loved him. now she needed to tell him. Both things. But how. letting out a breath, Betta moved through the hallway and caught sight of oderic in a towel, trying not to start but it was the first time she had seen him this undressed. They hadn't done anything other than kissing and honestly it's why she felt a deeper connection to him. turning her eyes downwards With a deep blush, Betta coughed a bit, bottle still in hand "...oh sorry...I was...I mean can we talk about something.." she barely got out as her cheeks deepened a dark red color.