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  1. Kenneth chuckled lightly as he saw her wink at him and felt her caressing his skin. He smiled as she snuggled in against him and kissed him back before she wrapped her arms around his neck. He reached down to pull himself out of her before he leaned down to sweetly kiss her forehead. He wrapped one arm around her waist so he could hold her close and reached up with his other hand to gently caress her cheek. "I'm so happy to have you back."
  2. Kenneth smiled as she snuggled in against his side and he leaned his cheek against the side of her head. He nodded in agreement to what she said as she clinked her glass against his, before he took a sip from his drink. He smiled as she turned to wrap her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder before he kissed the top of her head. "We all make mistakes," he whispered back to her, knowing what she was talking about. Ken reached up so he could gently place his finger under her chin and lift it up so he could lean down and give her a quick kiss. "I love you."
  3. Kenneth couldn't take his eyes off her to even look around at the decorations that she had put up. He didn't really care what the wedding looked like as long as she was the woman that was standing by his side during it. She looked incredibly beautiful and she was his and they were both happy, that was all that mattered. Ken hugged her back as she hugged him and he gave her a small squeeze before he nodded when she said that she would be right back and walked away. While he waited he wondered if she had planned a secret honeymoon behind his back as well and a small smirk formed on his lips as he thought about all the places they could go and all the things they could do together. Kenneth watched as she walked back over with the priest, before he reached down to hold her hand again. He somewhat listened to the priest as he said his speech but he mainly focussed on her. He did notice when it was his turn though and he grinned at Tatiana as he said, "I do. I promise to be there for you through life's ups and downs, and I promise to be your best friend for the rest of our days."
  4. Kenneth smiled back at her as he held her hand before he chuckled lightly when she said that she wanted to give him herself for his birthday. He nodded when Tat asked if it was okay that she had set up this surprise wedding for them. "Honey, nothing would make me happier than to have you as my wife." He told her honestly. He had almost added "again" at the end but he knew that Tatiana was her own woman and he had loved her long before they had found out about her past life. Sure this wasn't exactly the wedding that he had been imagining, he had been hoping that they could plan it out together unlike the last one, but it didn't even matter. She was standing there in a wedding dress and willing to marry him all over again, how could he say no to that?
  5. Kenneth patiently waited by the front door before he looked up when he heard footsteps. He smiled as a woman walked up to him and asked if he was the one who had called about the kittens. "That would be me," he replied before he shook her hand. "Kenneth, it's nice to meet you Mari." He smiled at her before he nodded when she told him that she kept the kittens in the greenhouse. He followed her out to the greenhouse so he could have a look at the little kittens.
  6. January 27, 1913 I realize I haven't written in here in quite some time. Life has been good. Everyone is healthy. Truth be told, I lost this book for a while. Anthony is five years old now. Mary and I are debating on if he should start preschool this year. It's crazy how fast they grow up.
  7. December 12, 1908 Today is Athony's first birthday. He's gotten so big! It's amazing to watch him grow every day. I think that he might be showing some signs of magic as well. The lights flickered the other day in our room while he laughed and I don't think it was just the electricity.
  8. August 28, 1908 So I have finally sold all of my furniture and my appartment. There was no point in continuing to pay rent when I haven't been in the appartment in months. I made sure that there was no blood left first before we started to selling everything. Don't need anyone asking questions...
  9. June 12, 1908 Our baby boy is six months old today. I never thought that this would happen, but we're just one big happy family again. The house is kind of crazy with two babies, a four year old, and four adults but we make it work.
  10. April 20, 1908 As it turns out, all four of our parents are gone. I'm not sure why Mary didn't tell me this, but at least mom is with dad again. I decided to go to the cemetery alone. I spent a couple hours with mom before I went to place flowers on Thomas, Benjamin, and Margaret's graves. I know that none of them were there but I still feel like I had to catch them up with everything that has happened. I told mom that she was a grandmother again, something that I didn't think would ever happen. I told the boys that I miss them and how sorry I am that they didn't get to live forfilling lives. And I told Margaret that I was sorry that we hadn't gotten to meet and that I was never there for her.
  11. Kenneth smirked as she growled at him before he playfully growled back at her. He moaned loudly as he finished inside of her, afterwards leaning his forehead against hers and breathing heavily. He opened his eyes and smiled softly as he stared down at her, before he wrapped his arms around her waist and rolled them over so she was laying on top of him. Ken smiled as he felt her kiss his forehead before he laughed lightly at what she said. He was sure that she would be able to feel that he was still a little hard, since he was still buried deep within her. He sat up and held her close as he leaned in and kissed her passionately. "Don't ever do that to me again," he smirked at her as he bit down on her lip.
  12. Kenneth had read in the newspaper that there were some kittens that needed a new home, so he had decided to call and see if there were any still available. He knew that he and Tatiana had been talking about getting a pet for some time, but they had never seemed to bother actually getting one yet. After the owner had told him that there were still some kittens available, Ken made his way to the address that she had given him. He was sort of excited about picking out a little kitten for his wife. Just thinking the word wife always put a grin on his face, he couldn't believe that he was married again after all these years. After he walked up to the front door of the house and knocked before he waited.
  13. Kenneth couldn't believe how incredibly beautiful she looked in a wedding dress, although he really shouldn't have been surprised. She always looked incredibly beautiful. He grinned at her as he intertwined their fingers together, before he laughed softly and shook his head when Tatiana told him happy birthday. He looked at the other guy when she asked him to give them a couple minutes alone before he looked back at her. "You did all of this?" He asked her with a smile.
  14. Kenneth smiled as he felt her snuggle into him and wrap her arm around his waist. He wrapped one arm around her and leaned down to kiss her forehead sweetly, before he looked back up at the bartender. He pulled his wallet out of his pocket and put a few galleons down on the bar to pay for their drinks before he picked his up and held it out to her. "To us."
  15. Kenneth smirked as he heard the sheets ripping underneath them and as she wrapped her legs tighter around his waist. He ran his hands up her sides before he grabbed both of her hands and moved them up, pinning them above her head as he continued to pound into her. He moaned against her neck when he heard her cry out before he pulled his teeth out of her neck and healed the wound for her. Ken playfully nibbled along her neck as he let go of her hands, and he smirked again as she cried out his name. He moved back up to kiss her again and moaned into her mouth as he lost his concentration and felt himself slip over the edge as he started to come inside her.