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  1. Kenneth shrugged when she asked him about what kinds of blood he had gotten for her since they had started dating. "I'm not sure. I usually just get it from St. Mungo's, so whatever they have on hand at the time." He smiled back at her reflection in the mirror while he washed off his arm, before he followed her back out into the bedroom. He nodded when she said that both ideas sounded good, and he walked over to her when she told him that she hadn't planned a honeymoon yet. Kenneth leaned down to tenderly kiss her forehead before he whispered "Thank you," into her hair. After they had both gotten redressed and she had put her hair back up, he grabbed her hand and started to walk out of the cabin. "What sounds good for lunch?" He asked so he knew what to get for their picnic.
  2. Kenneth was beginning to question why he hadn't told his son about Tatiana sooner, as he laid on his back staring up at the ceiling. Probably because he wasn't sure how he was going to take the news, not just that he was dating someone but more that his mother was kinda sorta alive again. In the end Ken decided to leave that part out, thinking that it would be better to tell Anthony that in person. But he did sound pretty happy for him that he had fallen in love with someone again. Kenneth mentioned coming for a visit, and he looked at Tatiana to see if she was alright with that idea.
  3. "Hmm, I'm not sure. Maybe O or A negative?" Kenneth replied when she asked what his favorite kind of blood was. He chuckled lightly when he thought about how he never would have had that kind of conversation when he had been alive. But everything had changed since then and this definitely wasn't where he thought life would take him, but he was so happy that it had. Ken fixed all their clothes and laid them out on the bed before he walked into the bathroom. He walked over to the sink to wash off his arm since it still had some blood on it, smirking lightly when he saw the marks from her teeth, before he grabbed one of the towels to warm it up. "You're welcome, love," he smiled back at her as she snuggled into the towel. "Are you still hungry? We could go have a picnic by the lake? Or perhaps we could plan our honeymoon, if you haven't already," he teased her.
  4. Kenneth nodded when she said that she would go alone tomorrow. He wanted to go with her but he knew that this was something that she would have to do alone, and he had to trust her during this difficult time for them. "Of course, I'll do whatever I can to help you do whatever it is you need to do." He replied when she asked if it was okay if she went to talk to a priest. He had never been one to stop her from doing something anyway, if he had they probably wouldn't even be in this mess. Ken smiled back at her when she said that she wanted to meet Anthony, even though she didn't have all of her former memories back yet. But if she was still getting some of them, then he was going to take that as a good sign. "Absolutely," he told her as he reached down to place his hand over hers, but just then there was another voice on the other end of the phone. "Hey," he smiled into the phone while still smiling at her. "So, there's something that I have been meaning to tell you for a while." He said, just jumping right into it.
  5. Ken chuckled lightly as she giggled and asked if his blood tasted good. "I've had better," he winked, teasing her back. He had always thought that hers was pretty good, and it was definitely better than his own. He frowned, pouting sadly as she got up and ran off to the bathroom before he heard the shower turn on. He hummed softly as he thought about how sexy it would be to take her again, this time in the shower but he decided not to mention that. Instead he got up from the bed and went to grab his wand from his jeans so that he could fix the items that he had torn apart earlier. Once he was done he walked back over to the bathroom with his wand so he could heat up a towel for her, for when she got out of the shower.
  6. Kenneth smirked as he watched her fingers move quickly over her skin. He saw her shaking her head at him but he decided not to say anything about it. He just couldn't help himself, and if he was being honest he was surprised that he had lasted that long. He moaned as he felt her walls squeeze around him and again as she bit into his arm. He reached up to brush his fingers through her hair as she drank from him, and he smirked when he saw all of his blood on her lips when she pulled apart from his arm. Kenneth leaned down to lick his blood off her lips, it wasn't the best considering that it had come from his own body but that was fine. He leaned his forehead against hers and smiled at her lovingly as he reached down to pull himself out of her, before he rolled over onto the bed and took a deep breath of fresh air.
  7. Ken smiled at her after he told her that he loved her. He was pretty sure that he would knever stop loving her. He smirked softly when he heard her grunt before he felt her reach down to start rubbing herself. He could feel himself closing in on his orgasm but he was still trying to hold out a little longer for her, knowing that she hadn't climaxed yet. But he just couldn't last anymore and he moaned out her name as he filled her up with his come. He continued to move his hips against hers though, so he could help her reach her own climax and feel her around him when she did.
  8. Ken smirked when she moaned as he pulled ats her hair before he let her slide her tongue into his mouth and he started a playful tongue war with her. He moaned loudly as she started clawing at his arms while he fucked her on the bed. "I love you too," he moaned out as she nibbled his neck. He reached down to grab her ass roughly as he pounded into her. "Fuck, I'm going to come." He groaned as he held her tight against himself before he bit down on her neck.
  9. "Alright," Ken nodded when she said that she would rather talk to a priest. He knew that that was a better option anyway. He would only end up getting madder at her and himself, and he didn't want that to happen. He wasn't sure when she wanted to find one though, it was still early enough in the day that they could go find one now or maybe they would wait until tomorrow. A small smile spread on Kenneth's lips when she told him that her biggest regret was leaving him and that she wasn't going to do it again. He nodded again when she said that it would be better if they found a priest. "Do you want to do that now or should we wait until tomorrow?" Ken watched as her lips parted in surprise before he nodded when she asked if Anthony was half-vampire. "Yes, he was concieved after I was turned." He replied before he smiled when she told him to call him because it was his birthday. When she sat down next to him and rest her hand on his cheek, he turned to kiss her palm. After a minute he got up from the bed and went over to get his jeans before he grabbed his phone from the pocket. Ken walked back over to sit back down next to her before he dailed Anthony's number.
  10. Kenneth smiled when he heard her giggle as they changed the way they were dancing while the music became more upbeat. After she let go of his hand, he watched as she danced around him. "Anytime love," he replied when she thanked him for bringing her to the gala. Ken kissed her back, allowing her to place his hands on her hips before he chuckled lightly as she wiggled in his arms.
  11. This was the best birthday present that Kenneth could have ever asked for, and it was definitely better than how his actual birthday had gone. Ken moaned back against her mouth when she cried out, moaning his name. With one arm wrapped around her waist and still buried deep inside of her, he reached up with his other hand to tangle his fingers in her hair and hold the back of her head as they continued to make out. Holding her tight in his embrace, he pulled her away from the wall and started to carry her over to the bed that was in the cabin. It was one of those nice four-poster beds but he knew that by the time they were done, it wouldn't be in one piece anymore. Kenneth moaned loudly as she dug her nails into his chest before he laid her down on the bed and started to fuck her again.
  12. Kenneth smirked softly when he heard her laugh before she moaned as he slid into her. He moaned lightly as he started to move his hips against hers, fucking her slowly at first before he sped up a little bit. It hadn't been that long since they had last made love, but this time just felt so much more special. Even if he did just want to start pounding into her as hard as he could, but he didn't because he wanted this to last. Without removing his mouth from hers, Ken grabbed one of her hands and placed it on his chest since sometimes he liked it when she scratched him.
  13. Kenneth sighed sadly when she pulled away from him, before she said that he would only hate her more if she told him the details. "Forget what I said before. If you need to talk about it, then we will. And I promise I will act like a complete grown up about whatever you decide to tell me." He told her as he watched her get up and start to walk around. He shook his head again when she called herself stupid again. "Now you are a vampire, yes. But before that you were human. Just like I was human before I was turned. And rather we are technically alive or not, we all make mistakes. Not that wanting to learn about your life was a mistake, because it wasn't." Ken wasn't really sure how he was being so calm and understanding about this, but he assumed that it was because if he had lost all of his memories he was sure that he would want them back too. "If you want to talk to a priest, then we will find one," he nodded. As long as it wasn't one of those crazy ones that thought that somehow vampires were connected to the devil or whatever. Kenneth shook his head again when Tat asked wouldn't Anthony be dead. "No, he's alive. He lives in New York, with his girlfriend."
  14. Kenneth didn't think that they needed any more foreplay and he didn't want to waste anymore time either. So he let go of her breasts and reached back down to grab the back of her thighs before he picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist again. He let out another moan as she teased his head before starting to stroke him. Ken leaned his forehead against hers so he could stare into her eyes as he ripped her underwear off and slid himself into her with a loud moan. He kissed her passionately as he held her up against the wall as he started sliding himself in and out of her.
  15. Kenneth smiled at her as he held Tatiana in his arms while they danced. He wasn't thinking about the past, that had no place in his mind as he was focusing all on her. He never wanted to think about what had happened between them, they couldn't change the past. But they could do everything to keep their future looking bright, and the future looked very bright to him. He loved her with everything he had, and if the past proved anything he would never stop loving her. Ken leaned in and sweetly kissed her forehead as they danced together.