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  1. Kenneth playfully rolled his eyes at her, but he knew that she was just jooking. He chuckled as she told him that she would hide and he would have to find her again. He smiled when he heard her giggling as he twirled her around while they were dancing, but he smirked slightly when he felt her shudder as he nibbled on her neck. "Hmm, anytime huh?" He teased her again, wondering if she really meant that. He laughed as he let her speed away, and waited a minute to let the wind carry away her scent so that it would be a little trickier to find her this time around. Ken walked back inside to the party, where it became a little tricky with all of the different scents as well. Once he found it again he took his time to walk up the stairs before he looked around for a minute, finding the room she had disappeared into he tried to open the door but found it to be locked. "That's how you're going to play, huh?" He asked the empty hallway with a smirk playing on his lips.
  2. Kenneth had been busy getting everything ready at the last minute because he didn't want her questioning everything. He had asked her to pick up a few things for him so that he was able to have the apartment to himself so he could pack their bags. Before she had left to go shopping he had made sure to tell her to be back by a certain time, so that they didn't miss their portkey. He packed her bag with plently of things that he knew she liked, along with a new nice formal evening gown. He planned on taking her to the ballet, just for old times sake. When he was done packing Kenneth took their bags over to set them by the front door so they were ready to go when she got back, before he walked off to the kitchen. He got two wine glasses out and poured some blood into each one before he waited for her. When Tatiana did get home, he heard the snappy tone she gave him when she asked about the bags. "I was busy, busy packing our bags." He teased as he walked over and held out one of the wine glasses, offering it to her. He frowned when he heard her sigh, "Is something wrong?"
  3. Kenneth smirked back at her when he saw her seductively licking her lips. He watched as she climbed over, straddling his waist before dragging her nails down his chest. He sat up and wrapped his arms around her waist so he could hold her close. He hummed as she told him that she could be naughty if he wanted. "Two can play at that game." He teased her as he reached up to grab the back of her head, pulling on her hair so she would lean her head back so he could lean in and suckle her throat.
  4. Kenneth smiled lightly when he heard her breath in his scent. He loosened his grip on her as she turned around to face him before he stared back into her eyes. "I love you too, more than everything." He told her as she kissed his cheek before he nodded, agreeing to promise to not let her take too much. He closed his eyes and let out a hum when he felt her teeth on his neck before she bit into his skin. He let her take perhaps a little more than she would have liked him to have, before he squeezed her waist. "Alright, love. We should find you something else now."
  5. May 1, 1950 Things between Alice and I have been going pretty well the last two weeks. We make each other laugh and I really enjoy spending time with her. I have never been in love with anyone other than Mary, so I'm not sure if that is what this is though. I have stopped sleeping with other women though. I'm not the kind of person who's going to sleep around when this could very well turn into something more.
  6. April 19, 1950 Her name is Alice, and we're going out for coffee tomorrow. She's a receptionist for the ministry and she is so nice. I know I can't go on forever without finding another love, but I still don't know about this...
  7. January 15, 1950 I know I should move on, but I don't think that I can ever find a love as pure and whole as how much I loved Mary. I don't want to give my heart to anyone else. Sex means nothing anymore, but love is different... But even still I find myself growing closer to one woman.
  8. March 7, 1946 It has been 21 years since we moved to New York, and 26 years since Mary passed. Both Georigana and Susannah, and their husbands are gone. The grandkiids are grown, and now I have great-grandchildren. Anthony is still working at the ministry and I've gotten a job at a potions shop. It's alright but it brings back too many memories sometimes. Even though it has been 26 years, I still feel guitly every time I have sex with other women. It only makes me feel even worse when I have to take blood from them. But my heart will always belong to her.
  9. November 15, 1926 The wedding was incredibly beautiful, and Emma was such a beautiful bride. We stayed for an extra day after the wedding and it was so nice to be able to be with my family again. But sadly now we are back home and tomorrow we will have to go back to regular life.
  10. November 7, 1926 Today is my first baby's 44th birthday. It's incredibly how much she has grown up, I still feel like I missed most of her life though. Emma is indeed pregnant, she's only showing a little bit but I can hear that second heartbeat as clear as I could when Mary was pregnant with Anthony. The wedding is in only a few more days, I can tell that she is very happy about it.
  11. October 25, 1926 The ministry has set up a portkey for us to travel back to London, because there was absolutely no way that I was getting back on another boat. We leave tomorrow. We'll be staying for Georigana's birthday and the wedding before we come home.
  12. September 18, 1926 Georgiana called me this morning. Emma is getting married and she wants us to be there. Apparently it's a rushed wedding though, so it's going to happen in the next few months. There's really only one reason for a rushed wedding, but I'm not going to assume that about my granddaughter. It's not a lot of notice but they hope that we can make it.
  13. April 5, 1926 Americans are so weird. Apparently it is against the law here to make and sell, and therefore drink alcohol. Not that we really drink a whole lot of it, that's just one example.
  14. July 23, 1925 Today is my 60th birthday. Anthony is working and I am away from my daughters, so it is just me in the apartment. I tried to call Georgiana but the line was busy, and when I called Susannah no one answered.