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  1. Nic smiled back at her when she thanked him, he was trying to be supportive even if he didn't like the situation. Which was probably a little weird that eh was being supportive of her having fake sex with some other guy, but it was more that he was being supportive of her job and he wanted her to do a good job making her movie. He rolled his eyes when she said that he was being grumpy again, before he raised an eyebrow as she threw a chocolate bar at it. He laughed softly and shook his head at her as he caught it before setting it back down on the counter. Nic nodded when she said that she would be back soon before she kissed his cheek and left. He turned around and walked back over to the couch to sit down again. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and started to play som games on it.
  2. Nic smiled back as she moaned while he caressed her legs. He chuckled softly as she flopped back onto the bed and he gently laid one arm over her waist after he laid down next to her. "How does a nap and then we order some room service sound?" He asked since he was feeling a little tired himself. Nic reached up to brush some hair from her face and smiled at her, although he wouldn't mind some sleep he didn't want to take his eyes off her either.
  3. Nic could feel himself throbbing as he pounded into her. He was definitely close and he was really only holding out because he was waiting for her to finish. He moaned as he felt her walls shake and squeeze around his cock, before he moaned out her name as he spilled his seed into her. Nic ran his hands up and down herr legs as he leaned his forehead against hers while he tried to catch his breath as well. After a minute he reached up to uncuff her hands before he gave her a quick, tender and loving kiss. "Love you," he whispered against her lips.
  4. Nic chuckled lightly when Scar moaned as he tugged on her hair, before he groaned as she moved harder on him. He alwaysed enjoyed her mouth around him but he enjoyed fucking her, and finishing with her, just as much. He smirked as she cried out and moaned out his name again while he held onto her hips as he thrust himself in and out of her. He could feel how wet she was against him, and knowing that they were both close he reached in between them to start rubbing her clit with his thumb while he kissed her.
  5. Nic smirked when he saw her eyes get darker before she squeaked. He playfully pulled her hair as he stared into her eyes before he groaned as she started bobbing her head up and down him. He pushed himself into her mouth more before he closed his eyes and leaned his head back as she picked up the pace. Not wanting to completely let himself go in her mouth, he pulled himself out of her mouth so he could move back down between her legs. Nic slid himself into her and started fucking her before he laid down to kiss her deeply.
  6. Nic chuckled lightly when she blushed and whispered to him that maybe he could make come again later. He wasn't really planning on it but it was fun to tease her sometimes. He sighed when she told him that there weren't going to be any sex scenes but the director must have changed his mind last minute. He told himself that he couldn't be mad at her, it wasn't her fault that he was the jealous type. This was their job so he couldn't do anything about it. Nic stood up from the couch and walked over to her, before he leaned in and gave her a quick kiss. "Knock them dead," he winked at her. He watched as she walked off, back to the bathroom before she rejoined him later on. Nic rolled his eyes when she said it depended on if he was going to be grumpy or not. "Who's being grumpy? I'm not grumpy." He said, folding his arms over his chest and sticking his tongue out at her. Hopefully she would be able to tell that he was just joking though.
  7. Nic smirked when she told him to punish her for kicking him. "Well, I could make you not come. But that seems almost too cruel," he teased her. He knew that she had already been close before he stopped teasing her, he could tell by the way her body moved and the way she was moaning. Plus the whole point of having her tied up was to tease her until she was screaming out his name. Nic smirked back at her as Scar nibbled his thumb before he moaned as she started swirling her tongue around him. He groaned as she took him into her mouth and he reached up to run his fingers through her hair while he enjoyed having her mouth on him.
  8. Nic always enjoyed hearing her moan, and now was no different. But he also enjoyed having her touch him while they fouled around, so he wasn't quite sure how he felt about having her tied up just yet. He smirked lightly when he heard her groan as he pulled his fingers out of her, before he laughed softly when she kicked him. "Now now, that wasn't necessary," Nic teased her. He smirked when she moaned and told him to make her come. "Oh trust me love, I intend to." He was thinking about uncuffing her because he kind of missed having her hands on him, but as she sat up he thought of something even better. Nic moved up so that he was kneeling in front of her, one leg on either side of her torso, before he reached down to brush his thumb over her bottom lip. He stared into her eyes as he pressed the head of his cock to her lips.
  9. Nic nibbled his lower lip when she moaned out his name, before he smirked against her chest when she cried out as he suckled her nipples. He moaned lightly as he watched her move around the bed while she was handcuffed to the headboard. He looked up at her as he nibbled her breast while she cried out again as he started to finger her slowly. When she begged for more, Nic used his thumb to start rubbing her clit but he didn't increase the speed of his fingers. He started to teasingly caress her chest with his lips, not biting or suckling, not even kissing, just because he enjoyed teasing her until she couldn't take it anymore. But as he continued to rub himself up against her thighs, he was growing harder and more impatient by the minute. Nic leaned up to kiss her throat softly before he pulled his fingers out of her. He leaned up to whisper in her ear, "You can open your eyes," before he lightly nibbled her earlobe. He sat up again before he reached down to grab himself and rubbed his head against her clit.
  10. Nic smiled as she closed her eyes and he heard her moan as he ran his hands up her body. He kissed her neck as he rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, before he moved down to kiss her breasts. He smirked lightly as she bucked her chest up into his mouth. Nic replaced one of his hands with his mouth and he looked up at her when he heard her breath hitch as he started sucking on her nipple. "Because it's more fun that way," he smirked as he flicked his tongue against her nipple. He moved to give her other breast some special attention as he reached down with his free hand to slide two fingers into her and start to move them in and out at a pretty nice pace.
  11. Nic smiled when he heard her hum against his neck, before he smirked lightly when he heard her moan into his ear. He chuckled when Scarlett slapped his arm before he quickly kissed her back. "I'm sure we can make that happen again," he winked at her playfully when she said that she was coming to the other person. He watched as she ran off to her room and he probably would have just continued to sit there in all his glory completely naked, but he was sure that she probably wouldn't have liked that very much. So he reached down to grab his boxers from the floor before he pulled them back on. Of course he was listening as she answered the door, although he hadn't been expecting to hear what he did. Nic growled under his breath softly when he heard that she was needed for a romance scene. Of course he knew that that came with the job but he still didn't like it, even if it was all fake. He remembered how one of their own sex scenes had ended up with them having real sex before they had started dating, and yes there was a small part of him that worried that might happen again. "You didn't tell me that there was a sex scene," Nic frowned at her when she turned back to face him. He shook his head when she asked if he wanted to go with her. "No, I'll just wait here. Are we still on for dinner?"
  12. Nic was sure that she would probably be able to see his eyes light up when she picked the metal pair. He smirked at what she said as she winked at him, before she laughed and tugged on the handcuffs after he had handcuffed her to the bed. He pulled back so he was sitting up and he smiled as he took in her beautiful figure, happy to know that she was willing to let him do whatever he wanted to her. "Close your eyes," he said as he caressed his hands up her legs and over her stomach. Once she had he leaned down to kiss her and reached up to start teasing her nipples. Nic started rubbing up against her between her legs, and knowing that she was completely at his mercy was pretty hot. He moved down to kiss her throat before he started worshipping her chest with his kisses, sometimes adding in some suckling kisses to her skin.
  13. Nic groaned softly as she continued to ride him after they had both orgasmed. He smirked when he heard her panting against his neck, before he laughed softly at what she said. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her, humming lightly as she kissed his neck. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and a voice saying that she was wanted on set. "She's busy!" Nic shouted back before laughing again. He ran his hand up and down her back as he kissed her shoulder sweetly.
  14. Nic couldn't stop touching her, he just wanted to have his hands all over her as they were making love to each other. He kissed her back passionately, parting his lips when he felt her tongue on them. He moaned back against her mouth as he felt himself throbbing inside of her. He could feel his orgasm coming quickly and he continued to moan as he felt her come undone around him. "Shit," he moaned against her mouth as he finished inside of her. Nic smirked when he felt her legs shaking against his. "Mmm, bet that felt good." He smirked at her.
  15. Nicolas smirked back at her when she nodded and told him that she did want to use the handcuffs. So he climbed out of the bed and walked over to his suitcase, because writer keeps forgetting they're in a hotel lol. He drug around for a minute before he turned back to face her, holding out a pair of metal handcuffs in one hand and a pair of those fuzzy pink kind in the other hand so she could pick which ones she wanted. Her comfort was always more important than his kinks. Nic smirked again as she moaned before he nibbled his lower lip when she told him that she loved everything he did to her. Once shee had picked which ones she wanted, he climbed back onto the bed and hovered over her as he stared down at her. He leaned down to kiss her before he grabbed one of her hands to handcuff it to the headboard and then did the same with her other hand.