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  1. Nic groaned as she clawed at his arm before he smirked at her as she took her sweet time to do as he told her. He reached down to smack her ass as she pretended to think it over. He moaned softly as she lowered herself down onto him before she started to rocked against him again. Nic placed his hands on her hips as he let her control their pace and depth, for the time being.
  2. Nic chuckled lightly under his breath as she moaned while he teased her with his fingers. It had been a while since they had done something like this and the way that she was moving against him was definitely turning him on more and more with each passing second. He smirked back at her as she unbuttoned his pants and pulled him out, before he gave a soft moan as Scar started to stroke him. He continued to kiss her as he pulled his fingers out of her before he reached down to grab his shirt and quickly pulled it off over his head. He leaned in and suckled her neck as he held her close, before he picked her up so he could shimmy out of his pants. Once he was naked he pulled away so he could smirk at her. "Ride me." It was more of a demand than a request but as always she was welcome to say no if she wanted to do this differently.
  3. Nic had a sly smirk on his lips as he felt her getting wetter and wetter against his hand. It was nice to know that she had missed him, not just because she had missed him in gerenal but because she had missed their sex life as well. He stared into her eyes as he moved his hand lower and started to slowly finger her. He smirked at her as she started to rock herself against his hand, before he used his other hand to grab one of hers. Nic placed her hand on the front of his pants so she could feel how hard he was for her as he watched her rock herself on his lap. He hummed happily at what she said before he reached up to grab the back of her head, pulling her hair lightly as he kissed her again and increased the speed of his fingers inside of her.
  4. Nic smiled when he heard her hum and tell him that she loved him too. He smirked as she shuddered and moaned, and he moved his mouth up to lightly nibbled her earlobe. "Its been a little while, hasn't it?" He asked as he caressed his hand up her thigh before he reached up to slowly tease his finger over her clit. "Tell me how badly you want me," he said softly.
  5. "That was so damn good," Nic chuckled as he let himself relax against their bed. He smiled as he watched her climb back up, before kissing his forehead and cuddled up against him. Nic wrapped one of his arms around her waist and pulled her closer before he rolled them onto their sides and leaned down to kiss her. He let his hands wander over her skin before he reached down to grab the back of her thighs and reached in to tease her from behind with his fingers.
  6. Nic smirked as she completely removed her towel and wrapped her legs around his waist. He leaned into kiss and nibbled along her neck when she told him that she was all his. "I love you," he hummed softly. Nic ran his hands down her sides, over her thighs before reached in with one hand to caress his fingers against the inside of her thigh as he continue to kiss her neck.
  7. Nic's breathing was heavy as he stared up at the ceiling after she had made him come. He chuckled as she purred at him before she slapped his hand away. "Come here, baby." He hummed happily as he let his hand fall back onto the bed.
  8. Nic groaned and closed his eyes as he let his orgasm wash over his body. He let out a deep breath as he used his other hand to run his fingers through his hair, before he opened his eyes to look down at her again. "You are so fucking hot," he growled at her playfully and lightly pulled at her hair. He smirked as he watched her lick her lips.
  9. Nic smirked back at her before he rolled his eyes at what she said. He was glad that he had decided to stop by and surprise her, so they could be laying there with each other. He raised an eyebrow when she told him that she was always hungry before he smirked again when she lean in and kissed him. Nic held her close as he kissed her back before he chuckled softly as he winked at him and said she could eat him right up. "Oh could you now?" He smirked back at her as he pulled her onto his lap and kissed her again. Nic pulled her towel apart just slightly so he could reach in and caress his hands over her skin.
  10. Nic moaned as she worked her magic over him. He could feel himself throbbing in her mouth, and it only made him more turned on as he watched her mouth slide up and down his cock. He smirked softly as he watched her move back up and kissed him, before he reached up with one of his hands to hold onto the back of her head as he kissed her back. "Definitely," he chuckled when she asked if he was enjoying himself. Nic let go of her head and placed his arm back under his head before she moved back down between his legs. He enjoyed her mouth on him for a few more minutes before he groaned loudly. "I'm coming." He moaned out as he arched his back and reached down to hold onto the top of her head as he spilled his seed into her mouth.
  11. Nic shrugged slightly when she asked if he had had fun. "I guess. One of them was just an auction though, so I just stood there and looked pretty," he winked at her. He smiled and kissed her back before he watched her smell the flowers that he had given her. "I love you too," he smiled as he cuddled up against her. Nic wrapped his arm around her waist as he listened to her tell him about filming her new movie was going. He smiled when she suggested that they go out and do something. He watched as she got up to put the flowers in some water, of course checking out her ass a little bit, before she came back to rejoin him. "Are you hungry? We can do whatever you want, I don't mind just laying here with you." He smiled at her as he gently rubbed her ankle.
  12. Nic closed his eyes and groaned as she got to work on his hard cock. "Fuck," he muttered under his breath as he tried not to thrust his hips up to meet her mouth. His hands held onto the pillow under his head, although he really wanted to reach down and run his fingers through her hair before he held onto her head. He moaned as she hummed on him and played with his balls. "Good god, Scarlett," he groaned as she found a nice rhythm of going faster and slower. Nic opened his eyes and stared down at her, watching her mouth move over his cock. He wanted to eat her out so bad, but after she was finished blowing him he really wanted her to ride him too.
  13. Nic smiled brightly when she said that she couldn't wait for the day they got married. Although most celebrity marriages didn't seem to last, he knew that he didn't want anybody but her ever again. He felt like he would want a private wedding though, something small with only the people that they were closest too. Nic stared up at her beautiful eyes as she hovered over him, before he nodded when she told him to not move his hands. He was tempted to move them though, to see if she really would tie him up because the idea of that was turning him on a little. Nic liked being the dominate one, he liked roughing her up and knowing that she trusted him enough to not hurt her while doing whatever he wanted to bring them both pleasure. But he wasn't selfish and he was willing to let her have her way if she wanted to try things differently this time. So he was just laying there as completely still as he could manage as she started to unbutton his shirt and started kissing his neck. He placed a tender kiss on her shoulder as she kissed his neck before she started moving down the rest of his body. Nic smirked as she pulled off all of his clothing, so he was laying on the bed completely naked before he groaned softly as she teased the inside of his thighs. He spread his legs open wide for her as he held onto the pillow behind his head with his hands, as he had a good feeling of what she was going to do next. He had always enjoyed a good blowjob and Scarlett was incredibly good at giving them, way better than his ex who had basically refused to give him oral. He bit down on his lower lip as he watched her pick him up and start to tease him, moaning softly as she took him into her mouth.
  14. Nic smiled back at her as she blushed and called him her fiancé as well. "And just imagine, one day it'll be husband and wife." He smirked at her as he carried her over to their bed. His smirk grew as she flipped them so he was on his back and she was on top of him, before she pinned his hands above his head. "You want to be in control?" He asked in a teasing tone after kissing her back.
  15. Nic smirked slightly when he heard her tell the reporters that they were just getting a watch mended. Once they were alone back in their hotel room again, he smiled as he watched her take off her cap and coat before he did the same with his. He kicked off his shoes before he noticed her walking back over to him and he smiled as she wrapped her arms around his waist. Nic chuckled as she grabbed his ass before he kissed her back. "But it was worth it, fiancé," he smirked at her. He smiled as he felt her hands roam over his body before he reached down to grab the back of her thighs, picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her back over to their bed.