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  1. Brook shrugged again when he asked if she wasn't one for compliments. "Sometimes," she replied simply as she smiled at him. She thanked him again as he retrieved their golf balls before she took hers from him when he offered it to her. "How has work been?" She asked as she followed him to the third course, although she couldn't remember if she had already asked but wanted to have some sort of conversation.
  2. Brooklyn set her hot chocolate down next to her on the seat before she looked up and smiled at Seth as he climbed in after her. Once he was sitting down, she placed the blanket over their laps before she picked her drink back up and held it to keep her hands warm. She smiled as he placed his arm around her and she moved closer to him so she could snuggle up to him as they enjoy their carriage ride together.
  3. Brook chuckled lightly with him when he teased her. She didn't really mind the compliments though, especially when they were coming from him. She leaned down to place another peck on his lips before she climbed off his lap. Brooklyn nibbled her lower lip as she tried to focus on the movie again, but it was difficult. Of course she wanted to keep going further with him, but she had only asked him to be her boyfriend not even an hour ago. She reached for the bowl of popcorn so she could eat some as she kinda sorta watched the movie.
  4. Brook smiled as she nodded when he said that he would see her on Friday. "Anytime," she replied when Seth thanked her for having lunch with him. "Thanks for stopping by. I hope it was better than having lunch with the goblins," she teased as she saw him wink at her. She waited till he was walking out the door to reach under the counter and grab her wand before she flicked it at the door, unlocking it and flipping the sign around so it said open again. She put her wand away back in its hiding spot before she went back to tending to her store and carried on with her day. {Finished}
  5. Brooklyn arched her back so she was a little bit away from the wall, when he reached behind her to unclasp her bra. She let the strapps off of her shoulders and down her arms before she dropped the bra onto the floor. She moaned into his mouth as he reached in to start playing with her breasts while she continued to kiss him. Brooklyn was starting to feel a little impatient but she didn't want to rush this either. It was their first time together after all and she wanted to enjoy everything with him. "I love you," she whispered against his lips as she played with his hair.
  6. Brookklyn smiled softly at Seth as he stroked her cheeks while she blushed. "Of course, just not every two minutes," she teased him back. Not thst she really minded because it was always nice to hear, especially from him. She nodded with him when he agreed that they should stop for now, before she chuckled lightly when he said that they should continue later. "Sounds like a plan to me." Brook winked at Seth before she climbed off his lap to sit next to him again. She grabbed the remote from where it was sitting on the couch before she turned their movie back on as she snuggled into his side again.
  7. Brooklyn smirked at him when he gave her that 'deal with it' look. She didn't mind one bit because it definitely felt good as he pinned her to the wall and continued to tease her, kissing and biting her neck. SHe chuckled lightly when she heard him growl as he pulled away from her neck, before she pulled his shirt off over his head and dropped it onto the floor. Once it was out of the way Brook reached up to grab the back of his head and pull him in for a deep kiss, because she just needed to feel those delicious lips against her own. She used her other hand to run up and down his chest again just because she liked feeling his skin under her fingers.
  8. February 7, 2025 I was counting my till today as I usually do that time of day, when I felt like I was going through a hot flash. It took me a moment to realized why, and although my brain was telling me not to because it would be unbelievably unprofessional, before I sent a protronus to Seth to ask him to stop by the shop. Thankfully there wasn't anyone in at the moment so I was able to lock up until he arrived. When he did I rushed over to unlock the door, pull him in and relock the door. He asked what was up but I didn't answer as I pulled him along to my office in the back room. I feel so unprofessional, I never thought that I would have sex at work, but I just needed him so bad. It was so good though, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
  9. Character Name: Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards Character Birthday: July 12 Character Age: 25 Country of Residence: UK Year: (N/A if not applicable) House: (N/A if not applicable) Job: (N/A if not applicable) Face Claim: Rachel Martino Abilities: Omnilingualism Creatures: (N/A if not applicable) Additional Information: (N/A if not applicable)
  10. January 26, 2025 Where do I even begin? It was so much better than I had been imagining, and even that was pretty damn good. I'll admit it was a little bit painful at first, but that's just because what they say is definitely true and my body isn't used to being with someone so big. But that quickly faded away, and I have to say that that was probably the best sex I've ever had. There definitely won't be any faking it with him.
  11. January 25, 2025 Tomorrow is Seth's birthday. I've wrapped both of his presents and put them in my coat so I don't forget them. I'm hoping I don't make a fool of myself when I give them to him.
  12. January 18, 2025 Today marks six months since I asked Seth to be my boyfriend, and it is eight days before his birthday. I'm a little nervous about next week but I am definitely looking forward to it too. I just can't wait to be with him intimately. I swear it's like my body craves his touch when we're not together.
  13. January 12, 2025 It is exactly two weeks before Seth's birthday, and I've gotten his presents already. I took a quick break from the shop this morning so I could stop by Flourish and Blotts and get him a book that I hope he's going to like. On the way home I stopped and got a box of condoms. Now I'm just debating if I should wrap it and give it to him, or if I should just hide it in his nightstand like some sort of secret message or something.
  14. December 25, 2024 Today is Christmas and Seth took me to... Well, to be quite honest I'm not really sure where we went, but it was still beautiful nonetheless. There were Christmas trees with lights everywhere, and we got hot chocolate before we took a carriage ride. It was wonderful and I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas. I am a little bit sad that I didn't spend it with my family, but since it is our first holiday season as a couple I'm sure that they understand.
  15. December 7, 2024 You would think, considering how much of our time spent together we spend making out that we would have had sex by now. I'm not sure what we're waiting for, he seems to want it just as much if not more than I do. He told me he loved me in Romany today, and I swear my heart just about beat out of my chest when I heard him say it. He seemed a little surprised when I said it back to him, which therefore gave away my Omnilingualism ability. After we realized what had just happened, it only started another round of making out.