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  1. Brook couldn't help but to laugh softly at his question. "Definitely not," she smirked at Seth. She turned to hang up her coat before she started to dig through one of the pockets until she found what she was looking for. "I almost wasn't going to wrap it, but then I thought where's the fun in that?" She giggled as she handed him the small box that was wrapped in colorful birthday wrapping paper.
  2. "Oh," Brook replied simply when he told her that he had taken swimming lessons before. She popped the last bite of her sandwich into her mouth, chewed and swallowed it before she nodded to his question. "Ya, exactly like that," she smiled softly. She raised an eyebrow when he said that he thought goblins were sexy. "That's... odd," she replied, giving a small giggle of her own. She was sure that he was just joking but she still found it a little strange nonetheless.
  3. Brooklyn blushed softly as Seth started clapping loudly for her, before she laughed lightly. "Is it?" She asked when he said that that was extra points for her. She walked over to grab their golf balls before she handed his back to him. She pulled the scorecard and tiny pencil out of her pocket to write down their scores, just because she was curious.
  4. Brooklyn wasn't really sure where they were, but she did know that he would keep her safe if need be and she trusted him no matter where they were. She smiled as she listened as he told her that he used to come here when he had been in school, which gave her a general idea of where they were, and that it was one of his favorite places in the world. "I love it," she told Seth as he wrapped his arm around her.
  5. Brook was enjoying this perhaps just a little bit too much. Her body was reacting to his but she wasn't sure how to mention that, or if she even should. She hummed lightly when she felt his thumbs brushing against her skin. "That feels good," she smiled.
  6. Brooklyn patiently waited outside holding her hands together and rocking back and forth on her heels like a little kid. She grinned as the door opened and Seth greeted her. "Hello handsome," she greeted back. She stood up on her toes to give him a kiss before she walked inside. "Do you want to get dinner first, or should we just skip to presents?" She asked as she pulled off her coat, biting her lower lip and trying not to smile too much.
  7. Brook nodded when he said that he would have to know how to swim well enough to scuba dive. "I'm sure you could always get swimming lessons,." She replied before she grabbed her soda again and finished drinking it. She shrugged when he asked how kids were better. "I don't know, I just like children better most of the time. What made you want to work at Gringotts?" She asked before she picked up her sandwich to take a bite out of it.
  8. Brooklyn smiled back at Seth before she watched as he walked over to take his first turn. She let out a whistle as she watched his ball go flying down the obstacle and she chuckled lightly as it hit the T-Rex before landing just short of the hole. She walked over to where her own ball had landed about halfway down the course before she studied the obstacle in front of her. After a moment she hit her ball again, harder this time which seemed to do the trick as it went flying towards the hole. The ball hopped on the fake grass a few times before it ended up knocking Seth's ball in first before it followed in. "Think that counts as a hole in one?" She chuckled as she smiled at Seth.
  9. Brooklyn found it a little hard to believe that it had almost been six months since she had asked Seth to be her boyfriend. But it had been, and now it was also his birthday. She had thought about what to get him for weeks, but for a while she had problems trying to think of something just like at Christmas. Finally she thought of something and she was definitely looking forward to giving it to him. Since it was the middle of winter she made sure that she had on all of her warm winter gear, but she made sure that all of her clothes would be easy to take off too. There had been a couple of close calls during the short time that they had been dating, but she felt like now was a good time. So she arrived at his place and knocked on the front door, before she waited with a smile on her face.
  10. Brook had been looking forward to Christmas all month. She loved the holiday but she was mostly looking forward to spending the day with Seth. She wasn't sure where he was taking her but when he said to dress warm, she made sure to do that and grabbed the warmest coat she had before she grabbed her gloves as well. When they arrived in the park she gasped lightly as she looked around at the different lights. "Wow, it's so beautiful." She said as she looked around before she smiled at Seth.
  11. Brook smiled as Seth reached up to stroked her cheeks before he grabbed her hips again. She had been waiting a while to kiss him and this was definitely not a disappointment. While one hand played with his hair, her other hand cupped his cheek gently.
  12. Brook blushed softly at what Seth said before he smirked at her. "Well, it's a good thing that I know what I want then," she replied smirking back at him lightly. She smiled as he placed his hands on her hips before they started kissing again. It made her blush the way that he was kissing her but it felt good and she lightly tangled her fingers in his hair as she continued kissing him.
  13. Brook shrugged when he said that he didn't understand why muggles would watch sports on tv. "Me neither, to be honest," she replied. She wasn't much of a sporty person, but she would rather play a sport rather than just sit on the couch and watch it. It had been a while since she had gone out to play mini golf so she wasn't really surprised how awful she turn had gone. "Ya, go ahead." She smiled at Seth when he asked if it was his turn before she stepped out of his way.
  14. "No, that's fine. If you guys just found out that she's pregnant, then you probably haven't found out her due date yet." Brooklyn smiled at Zade when he said that it was bad that he didn't know Alex's due date. She chuckled lightly when he asked if she had any kids and she shook her head. "No, but hopefully someday." It was kind of difficult to have a baby when she was single after all. Brook's eyes widened when he said that he would be willing to invest in her business. That was a first, no one had offered to do that yet. "That would be awesome!"
  15. Brook smiled when he winked at her after he told her that she wasn't so bad either. She kissed him back quickly for a second before she pulled away again. She reached down to grab his hips and roll them over so he was sitting on the couch instead. Brooklyn settled herself onto his lap before she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned back into kiss him again.