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  1. Alex set her cupcake down on the counter before she reached up to rub her head with the back of her hand, since one or two of her fingers had gotten a little sticky with frosting. It was a relief to hear that they hadn't meant for this to happen, although she had only found out last week. She wanted to ask if she was going to keep it but she knew how offense that was and she didn't want to offend her girlfriend. She knew that she would have been offend if someone had asked her, even though she had thought about it she couldn't bring herself to actually do it. "Have you been to St. Mungo's yet?" She asked, before an even more important question popped into her head. "Does Zade know?" She looked back up at Skylar when she asked if she was upset and started shaking her head. "No no, of course not. I'm just surprised."
  2. Alex frowned when he told her that he hadn't gotten her anything because he didn't know what to get her. While it made sense and she was glad that he hadn't just gotten something random that she wouldn't have liked, she had gotten used to him spoiling her. She didn't like wasting his money either though so it was a good thing that he hadn't just bought something that she might not have liked. But what was it that she did want? A lot of the things that she wanted he couldn't exactly go out and buy for her. To be with him and Skylar until her dying breath, to have their son be born and live a full, healthy and happy life. Alex thought about it for a moment before she gave up and shrugged. "You know, there's not really much out there that I want. Besides that this restaurant better have some damn good food," she laughed lightly.
  3. Alex smiled at her girlfriend as she laughed when she said that the cupcakes were adorable. She looked them over for a moment, noticing that there were two different kinds before she decided on a vanilla one with chocolate frosting and picked one up. She peeled the wrapped back on the cupcake so she could take a bite out of it, as she listened to Skylar tell her that there was a reason they had storks on them. She had thought that the cupcakes were for her since she was obviously heavily pregnant by this point. Alex raised an eyebrow when she told her not to freak out and she realized that Sky was acting a little strange. She set her cupcake down on the kitchen counter before she covered her mouth as she started coughing at her news. "What?" She asked, surprised by the news. Her brain assumed that they had planned this, because what were the odds that they would both up being pregnant by mistake at the same time. But she knew that that couldn't be true, surely they would have told her if they had planned on having a child of their own.
  4. Alex laughed softly as she watched Zade used magic to get his shorts and pull them back on. She watched as he laid back and floated in the water while she sat down on one of the steps and wiggled her toes in the water. She raised an eyebrow when he playfully asked if she had a boyfriend, and she looked down at her giant baby bump. "I don't know, what do you think?" She smirked back at him as she caressed her stomach.
  5. Alex playfully rolled her eyes at him before she smiled as he kissed her back. She sighed softly as he pulled himself out of her before he magically cleaned them up, which she had apparently forgotten that they could do. She hopped off the table and recollected her clothes before she put her bra and underwear back on. Grabbing her own wand she transformed the little clothing that she had on into a swimsuit, so she wasn't walking out into the pool naked like Zade seemed to be doing. Carrying the rest of her clothes with her as she walked back out into the pool area, she rolled her eyes again as she watched him run and jump into the water. After setting her things down on their chair, Alex walked over to the steps leading into the pool and let out a soft hum as she enjoyed the relaxing water against her skin.
  6. Alex smiled when Skylar told her that she had a surprise for her. "A surprise? I love surprises!" She chuckled lightly as she finished the last few steps down. She followed Sky into the kitchen before she rubbed her hands together when she told her that she had made cupcakes. "Ohhh, sounds yummy!" Alex had been craving something sweet but she wasn't sure what it was that she wanted, so now cupcakes sounded delicious. She watched as Skylar took the cover off and she smiled when she saw the little stork decorations. "Love, those are adorable!"
  7. Alex put her coat on with some help from Zade before she followed him out of the house. She didn't like the fact that they couldn't just apparate to the restaurant, since it meant having to walk with her tired feet. But she knew the risks that went with apparating and she wasn't willing to let any harm come to their child. Unfortunately that meant that she had to suffer while they had a grand time kicking her ribs and squeezing her bladder. But none of that even mattered right now because she was just happy and excited to see where Zade was taking her. "I know," Alex winked at her boyfriend and chuckled lightly when he told her that she looked beautiful in anything. She raised an eyebrow when he asked what she wanted for her birthday. "Isn't it a little bit late to be asking me that?" She replied since today was her birthday and all.
  8. Alex was upstairs laying in bed, reading a book to the child growing inside her belly. She figured that this would be good practice for when the child actually came into their family. She had her bedroom door open in case anyone needed her, but for now she was just enjoying this alone time. Alex looked up from the book when she heard Skylar's voice, asking her to come downstairs. "To be continued," she chuckled as she closed the book and caressed her stomach. She climbed out of bed before she walked out into the hallway and started making her way downstairs. "What's up?" She smiled at her girlfriend once she had reached the bottom of the stairs.
  9. Alex moaned playfully as she felt Zade come inside of her and fill her up. She chuckled softly at what he said. "And you always know what I like," she teased back. She sat up and ran her hands up his chest as she leaned in and kissed him. "Should we go for a swim now?" She smirked at Zade, since they were both a little sweatly from their workout.
  10. When she saw the dress that he had brought downstairs, Alex realized that he must have been taking her somehow nicer than she thought. She sighed when he said that what she was wearing wasn't good for where they were going. She didn't want to argue though since it was her birthday and she just wanted to enjoy her evening out with him, so she just started to get undressed. Alex giggled as Zade winked at her after she teased him before she put the new dress on. She smiled as she posed for him while he took some pictures of her, before she thanked him as she took her purse back and placed her hand in his.
  11. October 26, 2024 Zade's company Halloween party was tonight. They have one every year, and this year I decided just to wear something simple. A simple black dress and a red cloak, and now you're Little Red Riding Hood. I noticed that Zade didn't have any alcohol tonight, probably just being supportive, but I noticed that Skylar didn't either.
  12. October 13, 2024 - Evening The party was perfect, everything that I could have dreamed of. More people showed up in pink than blue, but as it turned out they were all wrong. After pulling the macaroons off and cutting into the cake, everyone saw that it was blue. We're going to have a little prince. I know Zade wanted a girl but I can't wait to have a little mini Zade running around. We also played some games and opened some gifts, but most of those are sitting in my room now since that's the room we're going to turn into the nursery eventually.
  13. October 13, 2024 - Midday Skylar just went to pick up our cake and she's going to meet us at the party. I can't wait to see what it looks like and what color it'll be on the inside.
  14. October 13, 2024 - Morning In the invitation it told everyone to wear what color they think the baby will be, pink for a girl and blue for a boy of course. I'm excited to see how many people will show up in each color. Skylar and Zade are both wearing pink, but I have decided to wear a blue dress (without the white lace) since I think it's a boy.
  15. October 12, 2024 I don't know why I'm being so paranoid about my parents coming to the baby shower tomorrow. I'm sure that Zade didn't invite them. Just like I'm sure that they wouldn't show up even if he did. I'm just going to blame this one on my hormones. But just in case I told Zade that I want a bouncer there tomorrow and he can only let in people that are on the list that I will approve first thing in the morning.