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  1. Alex had woken up in the middle of the night with an intense urge to go to the bathroom, but that thought quickly disappeared as she moved to stand up but realized that her water had broken instead. "Shit," she muttered under her breath. She reached back behind her to shake whoever had been sleeping next to her awake. Even though she couldn't really remember in that moment she was really hoping that it was Zade because she didn't want to wake Skylar up knowing that she needed all the sleep that she could get too. Alex took a deep breath and reminded herself to stay calm because freaking out right now was not going to do anyone any good. She held onto her swollen stomach as she stood up and walked over to get her hospital bag that was thankfully already packed and ready to go for them.
  2. Alex frowned when he accused her of thinking that he would cheat when he was at work. "Relax Zade, I was joking." She didn't even care if he did want to fool around at work, as long as she knew about it before hand. Of course she loved him and Skylar, but obviously they were in a open relationship. So if he did want to have sex with someone else she knew that she would have to be alright with that, even in her crazy hormonal pregnant state. And if he didn't then she was perfectly happy with that too, most of the time she didn't want to share her man aside from Skylar. Alex smiled lightly when he said that he would be worried if she got hurt if she was working for him. She smirked when he winked at her and offered to set up an interview for her. "And what would this interview include?"
  3. Alex nodded when he said that there was no rush for her to decide on what she wanted. She smiled back at him when he said that she had liked Paris. "That's true," she chuckled lightly. Aside from the rude people it had been very nice. She shook her head when he asked if she had anywhere in mind, before she playfully rolled her eyes when he winked at her. She smiled again when he ordered a couple extra things just because he knew that she liked them, and now onion rings did sound good. Alex watched as he got up and walked over to her before he kneeled down next to her and placed his hand on her stomach. She sighed softly when he asked what he was supposed to be feeling. "Your son, he moved." It took a minute but eventually there was another little nudge against their hands which made her grin at Zade. "See?"
  4. Alex shrugged when Zade asked what she was going to order. "I'm not sure yet," she replied. She shook her head when he suggested France. "We just went to France not too long ago," she reminded him. Plus some of the people hadn't been so nice. She smiled at the idea of Wales. "That sounds nice. Maybe a nice resort and spa? Oh, maybe with hot springs?" She suggested as she thought about their little vacation. Alex raised an eyebrow as she watched him pull something out of his jacket, but she didn't want to start assuming things. Then the waiter came back over and she caressed her hand over her stomach as she ordered herself a panini and fries. After he had taken Zade's order and walked away, she smiled at the man sitting in front of her. "Babe, come feel," she said as she held out her other hand to him.
  5. Alex raised an eyebrow when Zade shook his head and told her why he had only hired female assitants. "Maybe you should. We won't have to worry about anyone checking out your butt," she teased him. Unless of course the guy that he hired just happened to find Zade attractive too, she wasn't going to judge anyone. Sometimes she wondered what it would be like to have another man in their bed, but she was perfectly happy with the relationships she had with Zade and Skylar now. "Are you saying that I can't work when I'm pregnant?" She replied when he said that he would hire her but he couldn't because of her current state. She already owned her own photography business, she was sure that she could handle being his assitant until he found a new one.
  6. Alex smiled as he pulled her closer to him and she continued to kiss him as they started making out. She parted her lips to let his tongue into her mouth, before she let out a soft hum that probably could have been a moan if it had been any louder.
  7. "Sure," Alex nodded when he saked if she wanted to share the platter of different little things. You could never go wrong with bread and cheese and other yummy things, not in her opinion anyway. She listened as he told her about work, trying not to get jealous when he mentioned assistants checking out his ass all the time. Not that she could blame them, because he did have a really nice ass. "Have you tried hiring a male assistant?" She asked, completely serious.
  8. Alex liked teasing him, even when she didn't realize that she was doing it. But it was nice for her to think about how a man such as himself could become so turned on just by dancing with her. She chuckled when he winked at her before he called her back over to him, so she danced back over to him wondering why he was calling her over.
  9. "So don't think, just dance with me." Alex replied as she shimmied up against Zade. She giggled as he twirled her and pulled her back in, before he met her halfway to kiss her back. She laughed louder as she watched him do random dance moves before he started fist pumping the air.
  10. Alex continued to look at her menu, wondering if they were going to get an appertizer or not. She hummed lightly as she looked over the starters that they had on the menu, before she decided to just figure out what she wanted a main course. After a minute she found herself looking over the sandwiches and decided that the turkey, bacon, pesto panini with tater tots sounded really good. "How is work going?" She asked as she looked up from the menu and smiled at Zade.
  11. Alex had been busy looking at her menu when she felt Zade's hand on hers and she looked up at him. "Why do we even have menus then?" She laughed softly when he told her that they could make anything she wanted. But she still looked over the menu anyway, just to get a gerenal idea of what they had. She smiled at the waiter when he returned with their drinks before she picked up her water to sip at it while she thought about his question. "I'm not sure," she shrugged. "Maybe just somewhere local? With the baby coming soon I don't want to go too far, just in case."
  12. "Oh, that sounds good too." Alex frowned as she looked at her menu when she heard Zade say strawberry and raspberry. "Make mine that too, and a water as well please." She smiled at the waiter. She couldn't remember if lavender was safe for the baby or not, so she decided to go with the other one instead. Alex continued to look at her menu, nibbling her lower lip as she tried to decide on what she wanted to eat. She looked back up at Zade when he asked if she wanted to go on a birthday getaway. "Of course, how could I say no to that," she grinned at him.
  13. April 2024 - Month 0 - Becomes pregnant before a date night with Zade May 2024 - Month 1 June 2024 - Month 2 - Finds out she's pregnant & tells Zade July 2024 - Month 3 - Decides to keep it August 2024 - Month 4 - Tells Skylar - Goes maternity shopping & on babymoon September 2024 - Month 5 - Finds out Skylar's expecting October 2024 - Month 6 - Baby Shower & Halloween November 2024 - Month 7 - Nursery is decorated - Alex's birthday December 2024 - Month 8 January 2025 - Month 9 February 2025 - Month 10
  14. Alex rolled her eyes when he said thaat he wanted her to be tended to without complications. She was sure that the employees didn't mind not having to sserve more people though, so she wasn't going to complain anymore. Plus she thought that all of the flowers were a really nice touch. She wiggled slightly in her chair after she sat down, trying to get comfortable with her gaint stomach. "Thank you," she smiled as she took the drink menu from him. "I think I'll just get a lavender lemonade." She said as she set the menu down on the table before she took her own coat off and set it on the back of her chair.