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  2. Snow was rare in France so the school had thought it would give the students the afternoon off to enjoy it, especially since Christmas was almost here. All the pre-break tests were already over in her classes at least so them missing a day didn't matter much. Besides it suited her mood, she was sulking and she didn't care. She'd gotten a particularly nasty owl from her father this morning and she was upset over it still, and she was still puzzled that the man even knew she was hanging out with Theo and his blood status. Not to mention she'd made the mistake of opening the blasted thing in the halls so it was likely half the school heard her father and she was ashamed. Once it finished shouting at her she headed right out here, the gardens usually brought her peace but with it being winter the dead plants matched her mood perfectly. Sitting down on a bench she sulked, not bothering to brush the snow off before she sat so he jeans were beginning to get wet.
  3. At this moment in time nothing was certain so it was understandable neither of them would be willing to open up about things like their past or their families. Besides Cal's was full of nutters, or so she thought, so there was not point in sharing in case he thought she was the same way. To be fair sometimes she wondered if she was adopted or something because she was so entirely different from her parents, besides looks she was nothing like the pair. Of course she didn't know a lot about them when they were younger before she came along, her dad never talked about it and her mother usually couldn't be bothered with her so she had stopped trying to ask questions years ago about things. Callista was so intrigued by him, he could open up a new side of life for her and she wanted that so much and she wanted it now. His reply had her blush deepening, he was something else and she was getting better at picking up implications. "Promises promises." She blurted before slapping a hand over her mouth again, apparently her filter was hit and miss with him. He nudged her should softly and Cal smiled, it was such a sweet thing for him to do. It was in that moment she realized she could easily open herself up to this boy if things went properly, she should have been scared but wasn't for some reason. "I'm sorry to be such a bully." She teased him quietly. She'd spent her entire life closed off and being dull, didn't she deserve a little bit of fun for once? Honestly, what was the worst that could happen? He would be there with her so she had faith everything would be okay and even if it wasn't together they could manage to fix it. She wanted to do it but it would take reassurance and encouragement from him to do it when the time came, otherwise she'd be running back to her rock to hide under if he let her. Since she wasn't the responsible one for once she would let him plan it and worry about what could possibly go wrong, besides if she was the responsible one she'd stress out too much and they'd never get to do it. Even if something like bodily harm came from her fun time she wouldn't blame him, this was something she wanted to do for herself and it wouldn't be his fault. This was important to her, and even if he didn't help her make it happen he had opened the door and she would do it by herself if she had to. Callista had put her foot in her mouth with Theo now, that selective filter was going to get her in so much trouble and there was nothing she could seemingly do to make it better. "Being around a boy." She asked, heavily embarrassed but she was honest to a fault. Even if she hadn't admitted it now she was sure he could just look at her with those beautiful eyes, give her the smolder and she'd tell him anyways. His arm went around her waist and she felt giddy, she leaned back slightly so she was pressing against him and it was a comfort. She shivered at his breath on her neck, it had goosebumps rising on her skin and made her entire body feel flushed. Thank god he couldn't see her face otherwise she might be in trouble, or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, jumping his bones was not the appropriate thing to do at this moment and she should be ashamed of herself for even thinking about it. Okay so it wouldn't be full out like sex but she would kiss the hell out of him and in her world that might as well be sex. He said magic was easier and she shook her head. "No, I want to do it this way." Cal informed him, leaning harder against the knife which pierced the bark this time.
  4. Ted would fight anyone who wanted to say the Weasley's weren't the best family there was, which sad a lot considering who he was. No matter what was happening in your life there was always someone there for you who could help or drop you a note to cheer you up, it was what family was supposed to be like -or so he imagined- all the time. Ted wasn't sure about children to be honest, not that he would be a bad father but because of all the trauma he had suffered being an orphan as a kid. "Yes." He replied, tapping the end of her nose lightly for emphasis. Thank goodness Ted didn't know she thought he was adorable, adorable was for babies and animals in his opinion. He was supposed to be manly and tough, not adorable. If that got out it would ruin his street cred man, okay it would if he had any. "You're prepared at least." It was good planning to have a selection and enough. Ted was like that, it was best to buy in bulk in his opinion. Not only was it cheaper in the long run but you had enough in case something happened. He watched as she prepared his tea and smiled, these were the perfect moments he enjoyed sharing with her because the world couldn't interrupt. "Custard Creams?" Ted asked hopefully. "Are they in their own package or in a sea of other biscuits?" Ted asked suspiciously. He had a weird tick that he needed his biscuits in their own space, you couldn't throw all the flavours in a tin and call it good. He relaxed a little bit when she elaborated. "Preferably small." He told her, following her through to the living room. He sat down next to her and took his cup after she poured it, adding honey. "I figured you'd plan it mostly and whatever you needed help with your'd ask." He shrugged, taking a sip of his tea. Talk about typical man.
  5. Even to this exact second Helena could not believe Azreal had been asinine enough not to want to know the sex of the baby, although she had respected his wishes and not told him. As for the fighting he was right, the hormones made her like a rabid animal, fine one moment then bat shit crazy the next. It was good he had enough sense to try and keep her stress down, lord knows she probably wasn't rational enough to do it herself. "Thank you." She replied honestly, eyes feeling a little misty at the praise. She had struggled so much with the pregnancy and knew she wasn't going to be a decent mom but she was going to try. He kissed her hand and she chewed another ice chip, trying to make sense of her feelings without the pregnancy hormones and failing miserably. "Not if I breast feed." She told him with a sigh, what a depressing few more months she had ahead of her. Helena asked the midwife's questions the best she could. The woman checked her whoha and said she wasn't dilated enough yet and to hang in there. Thank god Azreal was holding her hand or she would've come out of the bed and punched the woman.
  6. Brooklyn blushed and Seth went over and stroked her cheeks lightly, she was so pretty when her cheeks tinted the delicious shade of pink. He hoped he hadn't embarrassed her by clapping, he was truly impressed by her shot. "I say so." They didn't have to follow the conventional rules, they could make their own. He released her so she could do the scoring and whistled happily.
  7. There was no such thing as enjoyis ing things too much, that was like saying there was such a thing as too much fun. That just wasn't possible. Her skin was incredibly smooth and soft under his fingers, he was sure her skin would be perfect when he finally saw her naked. "You're so beautiful." He told her sweetly.
  8. If Seth would've seen her holding her hands together and rocking back and forth he would've patted her head an offered her a lollipop, but he missed that adorable part for today. He watched her with a smile, thinking she was the most beautiful woman alive. "Depends. Are they appropriate to unwrap at dinner?" Seth asked seriously. He could eat but he was all about the dirty too.
  9. Seth had long ago decided he was cursed when it came to swimming, and even as he got older and tried again he was never able to do more than tread water. He finished up his drink and was sure not to be obnoxious sucking on the straw to get the last little bit, he wanted to make a good impression. "That was a joke." He told her with a lopsided grin. Apparently it just came across weird but this was Seth so it probably explained a lot.
  10. It was nice to know that Brooklyn trusted him enough to apparate them wherever, he was of course someone she could trust but that didn't mean it couldn't have ended badly if he secretly turned out to be a serial killer which he of course wasn't as it would be way too much work. She listened as he explained, the poor boy probably was like a kid on Christmas morning. "Really?" He asked, just for extra reassurance. "What do you want to do first?" He questioned, seeing the staff starting to bring the sleighs and horses out.
  11. The lead guy was even later as she got up wrapping the blanket around her so others couldn’t see her naked chest. A little bit of dignity at least. When he did arrive it looked like he had been drinking as she slid off the bed and wrapped her own robe around her as he staggered her way. ”I’m not doing this while he’s drunk...” she said looking around alarmed, he grunted and shook his head. ”I’ll be fine you will be fine I just need some douche courage.. being next to a beautiful woman and all” He said winking at her which made her feel uncomfortable. As they were told to get into the bed she shook her head protesting as they all stood here shouting st her to get on with it. As they had wasted half a day already. As she took her robe off she climbed back under the covers, he did as well. Then the camera rolled and they began to make out as he kissed her roughly it was horrible, his breath smelt and he just smelt in general. Being told to roll over she was now on top as she pretended to grind on him as the covers slipped and her pants were shown. The director asked her to take them off, so she did pushing them under her pillow. Back to work as she moved against him not that she wanted to this was all wrong. It was her first sex scene since the one with nich. They called cut and went off for a moment telling them to create something magically that’s when he pushed her off and pinned her to the bed, and began to kiss down her body in places he shouldn’t be touching, she quirked as his a hand lowered and toyed with her breast and down to her sex. Touching her inappropriately tears formed her eyes a she cried, screaming out thrashing about not wanting to be touched like this now she wished nich was here. He was about to remove his pants when she really screamed enough that it burned her throat as he got closer that’s when she felt someone tackle him off her. It was a crew member she as friendly with and always had on set with her most of the time. He was older than her but a friend someone she trusted. Crying she wrapped her robe around her and rushed off. ”I quit, do this movie without me I can’t believ you let him do that drunk, he sexually attcked me while your stuffing your fat face” she screamed at the director who was stuffing his face with cakes, shoving the cake into his face as she stormed off. As she ran to her trailer she patted her cheeks so nich didn’t have to see. Though she was shaking as she stood back in her trailer walking without saying a word to the bedroom she grabbed her suitcase and began to pack Just throwing it all in. Without a care apart form her general important things like make up and perfume. Sniffling she took a deep breath when there was a knock at the door making her freeze. ”scar are you in there...? I’m sorry about what happened he’s an ass and been kicked off the movie and taken off the set the director wants a chat” Charlie said the guy who had saved her, the friend. sobbing as she shook her head, ”I can’t do the movie now not after what happened” she said through tears her voice breaking. She hadn’t even told nich yet and she knew if he knew he would burn the whole place down. Charlie came in and seen nich was there and shied away, but spilled what happened anyway to him. As he was trying to convince scar to come back as she finished packing.
  12. "I'd be just fine with that," Sylvia admitted when Zoe told her that she wanted to take her shirt off. Her heart was beating wildly and truth be told, she was already feeling aroused just from the kissing that they had been doing. "I've wanted you for so long that it doesn't feel like rushing at all."
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  15. Ilana stood there, arms crossed as he started laughing a bit. The tone in his laugh was uninviting and rather sarcastic as she turned to face him, her face stained with tears a bit as sge started to become upset " yes i did. But you were never there. You never stayed. Barely visited with me or adrain. Ive been on my own for so long. I had no idea what i was doing. Eric has been there for me and our son. Not that i cab say much from you." Iliana started to squeeze her hand into a fist "i will always love you..but youve never said anything to me ...never taken care of me or your son. You weren't there..." She said to him "he was" Standing there for a bit, iliana webt to move away from the window to walk past him, bumping into him lightly in the process " you haven't done anything except ignore your responsibilities.." She added as she averted her eyes down to her hands, unsure of what else to say.
  16. The nerves were taking over as she tried to calm herself down inside but it showed on the outside but she was sure it wasn’t happening. “Why?” She asked wanting to know why the My reminded him of her, and then she looked at the flowers more and it clicked in her head. “the colours?” She said grinning at him. As he picked her back she grinned feeling calmer as he kissed her she had craved his attention since she cracked her head in the wall from a dragon. She watched as he took his shoes off as she headed into the kitchen. She shrugged at his words and shook her head, ”not crying because of the flowers it’s just a nice gesture” she said sniffling dabbing her cheeks where a couple of years had fell. As he sipped his beer she grabbed and downed her water and filled it back up placing the full glass on the side. “Awe baby that sucks at least you can enjoy now right? Ive been hit and miss I’ve been sick a lot, but generally relaxing my head taking the pills when and if I need. Then I thought I’d cook us dinner as we haven’t seen each other in a few days since the accident.” She said taking a large gulp of water and grabbed some oven gloves to distract herself. “Go take a seat I’ll bring it in” she said opening he oven door and pulled out both plates and set them on the counter. Beatrice reheated the sauce and then poured it into a small bowl and then placed it all on a tray with salt, pepper and cutlery. Grabbing her water and another beer for him she walked into the dinning room. It was a large room not with much light as there was no windows it was used to hold parties when her parents were around. As she set the stuff down she placed his beer, plate and clutelry down on the table before sitting down herself. Forgetting something she got up a little fast and clung to the seat as her head throbbed, holding her head she let go and walked to the spare downstairs room and grabbed what she wanted. It was a thin long box which had been semi wrapped. “After dinner when I’m washing up I want you to open This but only then” that way she could hide when he saw the positive test inside, with a picture of a stalk inside carrying a baby. She wanted to do it subtly and not scare him away but she wasn’t sure how he would react.
  17. "So don't think, just dance with me." Alex replied as she shimmied up against Zade. She giggled as he twirled her and pulled herr back in, before he met her halfway to kiss her back. She laughed louder as she watchhed him ddo random dance moves before he started fist pumping the air.
  18. Alex continued to look at her menu, wondering if they were going to get an appertizer or not. She hummed lightly as she looked over the starters that they had on the menu, before she decided to just figure out what she wanted a main course. After a minute she found herself looking over the sandwiches and decided that the turkey, bacon, pesto panini with tater tots sounded really good. "How is work going?" She asked as she looked up from the menu and smiled at Zade.
  19. Sam just smiled wider and chuckled as heard her. "What? I am just being honest. And maybe just a bit of a flirt," he said before chuckling. This was something out of the ordinary for him. He was getting along with and enjoying the company of another human being. Leaning back in his seat, he could not help but smile to himself at this. "I really hope I get this job. Would be a good excuse to be around you more." Taking a breath, he looked at her, "Dorian is my pet mouse. He is a bit cheeky, though and likes to wander off. He is quite harmless and up to date on his shots so you don't need to worry." Dorian had snuck out of Sam's pocket while he was talking with Nicole and wander onto her desk by her bowl of sweets. His coloring let him blend into the desk fairly well as he tried to get a piece of a chocolate wand.
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  21. Arriving after work was always a highlight of his day, after all it meant she wanted to see him that day. Heck, even before they went to Paris he looked forward to when he would go to hers or she would come to his, it meant he got to spend time with his best friend even now the circumstances are very very different. Now he was bringing her flowers when he came around. Speaking of the fact she thought they were beautiful made him smile. Glad you like them, they did remind me of you on my way here. He leaned down and pecked her back with a smile as she took the flowers and moved so he could enter the home. He mainly lingered in the entryway to take off his shoes, he didn't like shoes inside a home, before following her into the kitchen. He started to smile as she said they were the highlight of her week until he saw she got a little teary. Hey, you okay? I know I have a great taste in flowers but they aren't tears worthy. He took the beer as she handed it to him. He took a sip before he answered her question about work. It was alright, didn't ruin my day thankfully. It could have been better though. Although the lack of sloppy drunks proved for a lack of entertainment, but I had the early shift. What about your day? How has it been so far? He took another sip as he looked at her, a slight smile hinting on his face.
  22. Carissa was not ready for the idea of a cesarian. She had read about them in the form of an anomaly, a rarity that she shouldn't expect to happen. It's rare in the muggle world let alone in the magic since they have so many ways to avoid it, but apparently, those weren't an option this time. This time it was a procedure that in some of the best cases leaves her infertile. She isn't sure right in this moment that she wants another kiddo but she wants the option in case it ever made sense to have another one, but if this was going to be her reality at least there is a hope for the feature. As Remus spoke she started to break. Love, there is no need to worry. Nothing will go wrong, I promise. She could feel the tears falling down his cheek as he placed her hand on it, a few falling herself again. I love you too. She grabbed his hand as they started wheeling her away, holding him as best she could on the way to an uncertain thing. Once they arrived she had to let go to become a ruddy pin rag. With everything going into her system she was so worried about what they were all doing. One of the midwives poured a potion under her nose and she felt her eyelids flutter shut, going off into a dream. ((OOC: Feel free to RP out the actual room ))
  23. Alex had been busy looking at her menu when she felt Zade's hand on hers and she looked up at him. "Why do we even have menus then?" She laughed softly when he told her that they could make anything she wanted. But she still looked over the menu anyway, just to get a gerenal idea of what they had. She smiled at the waiter when he returned with their drinks before she picked up her water to sip at it while she thought about his question. "I'm not sure," she shrugged. "Maybe just somewhere local? With the baby coming soon I don't want to go too far, just in case."
  24. Nic smiled back at her when she thanked him, he was trying to be supportive even if he didn't like the situation. Which was probably a little weird that eh was being supportive of her having fake sex with some other guy, but it was more that he was being supportive of her job and he wanted her to do a good job making her movie. He rolled his eyes when she said that he was being grumpy again, before he raised an eyebrow as she threw a chocolate bar at it. He laughed softly and shook his head at her as he caught it before setting it back down on the counter. Nic nodded when she said that she would be back soon before she kissed his cheek and left. He turned around and walked back over to the couch to sit down again. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and started to play som games on it.
  25. Odette quietly walked back to school with her brother, and she smiled at what he said. "Ya, definitely. Next time I'll bring Olivia along." She smiled at Jacques before she gave him a quick hug and waved to him as she started to walked back to school. {Finished}
  26. Ashley smiled as she heard the excitement in her daughter's voice and she nodded as Maddie talke about how they could use the items. She put all of the ribbon, lace and papers together in a pile and asked the vendor how much she was willing to sell it all for. When they settled on a price that they could agree on, Ashley grabbed the money out of her wallet and handed it to the other woman before she put the supplies inn her bag. "What else do we need?" She smiled at Maddie.
  27. Kenneth shrugged when she asked him about what kinds of blood he had gotten for her since they had started dating. "I'm not sure. I usually just get it from St. Mungo's, so whatever they have on hand at the time." He smiled back at her reflection in the mirror while he washed off his arm, before he followed her back out into the bedroom. He nodded when she said that both ideas sounded good, and he walked over to her when she told him that she hadn't planned a honeymoon yet. Kenneth leaned down to tenderly kiss her forehead before he whispered "Thank you," into her hair. After they had both gotten redressed and she had put her hair back up, he grabbed her hand and started to walk out of the cabin. "What sounds good for lunch?" He asked so he knew what to get for their picnic.
  28. Zach laughed softly as Gideon told him that he loved him too, before he smiled when he heard him hum. He followed Gideon out of the pool and up to the slide before he sat down behind him. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around his husband before they went down the slide. When he saw the end of the slide coming closer he took a deep breath, readying himself for when they fell into the water.
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