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  3. Name: Lou Danis Year: Sixth Gender: Female
  4. Alex set her cupcake down on the counter before she reached up to rub her head with the back of her hand, since one or two of her fingers had gotten a little sticky with frosting. It was a relief to hear that they hadn't meant for this to happen, although she had only found out last week. She wanted to ask if she was going to keep it but she knew how offense that was and she didn't want to offend her girlfriend. She knew that she would have been offend if someone had asked her, even though she had thought about it she couldn't bring herself to actually do it. "Have you been to St. Mungo's yet?" She asked, before an even more important question popped into her head. "Does Zade know?" She looked back up at Skylar when she asked if she was upset and started shaking her head. "No no, of course not. I'm just surprised."
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  6. Beatrice giggled at his words and did the promise crossing her fingers together in an amusing way. She couldn't believe they were in France together they had come along way as friends they still had lots to discover and know about each other and they world. Bea was just glad she had someone along for the ride it would be awful alone. As he looked at the menu and obviously found what he wanted as he called through she giggled looking at him when asking if she just wanted one glass or the whole bottle. Hmm options, "it be a waste to leave the opened bottle once open, so sure the whole thing twitch two glasss. One for you Eli" she said softly as she stood and groaned her limbs were sore but she would recover as she made her way towards the window she pushed one open letting the fresh air brush against her warm skin.
  7. Bruno was relieved by Brian's words. He still felt like he had to get approval by Brian at times for whatever he did. Of course, being parents at a young age, it was understandable that they both were nervous about it. Bruno knew their families would support them, so it made him more at ease knowing they weren't completely on their own in this new adventure. Henry chuckled receiving questioning looks from almost everyone. Do what you need to do, sweetheart. I'll be fine. Bruno took care of Reyna as much as he could since there wasn't much else he could do. Alice told her to keep going, that in the end the tiredness and pain was worth it and even added that she knew it sounded weird, but that Reyna would understand. Henry was surprised as Reyna called him dad. He smiled at her and said: Anytime, Sweetie. Alice was a crying mess once the baby girl was out. Bruno was soon by Reyna's side, stroking her hair telling her she had done an amazing job. He smirked as she kissed him back and then when Thomas announced that they could all retire out of the room back to the suit, Bruno didn't want to leave Reyna's side. Upon hearing her words, Bruno felt like she was pushing him away again, even if that wasn't the case. He thought she wanted to be dealing with things on her own again. He sighed and accidentally said to everyone through telepathy: She's doing it again... and left the room, feeling like he was going to be left out of everything regarding the twins because he thought Reyna would want to take care of everything herself.
  8. Talon's cheeks turned red as Risel commented on his constant insistance that he was saving himself for something more. "I'm not ranting about... I wasn't the one who brought the subject of sex up, remember?" Gosh, what was with this guy?! It wasn't as if he hadn't tried to drop the subject a few times. Could he help it if the man seemed to like to talk about sex? Hearing Risel say that he didn't think he was undesirable, however, quickly sent his heart racing and a warmth spreading through him as his cheeks flamed further. Of course there was still that little accusation that Talon would even think of sneaking into someone's room at night let alone sneaking in for sex. But then what did he just say? "What?! I..." What did he even say to that? Did he want Risel? Yes, very much so! Did he think it was probably the worst idea ever? Yes, most definitely! So then why was he so drawn to say yes? But he couldn't! Could he...? No, he was going to have to say no! No matter how much he desired the man! "But.... my forever..." Great! So instead of saying no like he'd planned to, all he'd managed to get out was something about how he wanted the person he lost himself to, to be his one and only for the rest of his life! Good job, Talon! And further proof he should have simply said no! He was almost married and he still had others? He wondered if she knew. From what Risel said and the way he seems to be quite open about the fact he suspected she probably did, but then why would she even want to marry him? Did she just love him so much that she was willing to share him just to keep him? That seemed preposterous to him! He didn't miss the fact that Risel ignored the two most important questions and he still felt a twinge of jealousy that he might have even loved her but it didn't look as if he was ever going to find out. The fact that it was only a short year ago only made Talon's jealousy that much worse. "My parents were seventeen, just out of school. I always kind of thought I would be married young like them, but..." Yea, that couldn't happen if you couldn't hardly even find a date! "I've never done either of those things but they sound interesting. And I love pretty much all animals. I would love to see the horses but since I'll be here awhile you can always show me later if you'd rather. I'm sure there is still plenty left to show me and it's getting late, I agree." Maybe just a quick rest of the tour would be better. Then he could escape to his own room and try to remind himself why he shouldn't be having these feelings for Risel, away from him where his nearness couldn't affect him so much.
  9. Hearing Max say he was too nice as well made him feel even worse about the fact. Because if it was that obvious to everyone then it was just that much easier for others to take advantage of him which already seemed to happen more often than not. Case in point, Max had been pretty horrible to him last night and especially so this morning and yet here he was practically in love with the guy anyway. Yea, he had it pretty bad for him! "Oh! So soon? Well... yes, umm, sure! I suppose the sooner the better. Can't keep staying in rented rooms forever I suppose." He took the slip of paper and looked at the address noticing it was definitely in the classier side of town, but really did he expext anything different? "Okay, sure. No apparating, I'll just use the floo, noon tomorrow." Yea, he probably had some pretty strong wards from hell around a place like that and Luca was quite keen on keeping his life. Hearing the way Max talked about Robyn just made his heart melt that much more and he tried to keep his mind off the potion in his pocket. He would give almost anything to have a family like that but would he really give up his integrity? He had thought so earlier but now he wavered between how wrong it was and how much he wanted to be a part of Max's life. But who's to say it would even work? Even if he decided to do it Max could still dump him and leave him and their baby. He had been prepared for that just in case earlier but now he was almost sure it would almost kill him. "Of course he's happy with you. Who wouldn't be?" Not Luca, that's for sure, he would be ecstatic. His eyes gazed upon Max lovingly without even realizing it. "I may not exactly agree with some of your... beliefs but deep down I think you're a really great guy and Robyn is very lucky to have you as his father." "Well... yes, but I mean like besides your mother. You know, like a significant other. I mean, sure a mother's love is great but don't you ever want the kind of love that gives you goosebumps when you're around them? Where every time you look at them you fall all over again? You would do anything in the world for that person even if it meant denying yourself. That's what I want. I want someone I can give all that to and more." When asked about himself though, Luca froze for a moment. This is where things always got difficult because he just wasn't all that exciting. "I love to read. The more books, the better and just about anything. I love to sit by a fire in the winter time and stare out the window at the falling snow. I love to laugh even though there really hasn't been much laughter in my life. I love to go on walks and just look at everything around me, especially nature. I love to swim, or anything to do with water really. I want a husband one day that takes care of me while I raise our children with love. I guess... there really isn't much to tell." Ugh! That probably sounded so cheesy! As the waitress arrived Talon waited while Max ordered their meal and smiled when he even asked them to make sure everything was perfect for him. He had never felt so special in his life, even if it was all just a fake date. He found himself wishing this was all real and that it wouldn't end the way he was sure it would and once again his thoughts were on the vial in his pocket. Could he? Could he really go through with it? "Thank you, Max. For everything. This is really... nice."
  10. Kenneth chuckled lightly as he saw her wink at him and felt her caressing his skin. He smiled as she snuggled in against him and kissed him back before she wrapped her arms around his neck. He reached down to pull himself out of her before he leaned down to sweetly kiss her forehead. He wrapped one arm around her waist so he could hold her close and reached up with his other hand to gently caress her cheek. "I'm so happy to have you back."
  11. Logan thought a moment. Which one was that again? Suddenly he recalled that he had pasted one earlier, looking back in the direction it was in. "I've never actually rode on one of those. I'm up for trying--" he cut off, noticing his housemate had already gotten in to the cerulean teacup. Chuckling, he hurried over and slid in, shutting the small door behind him. "Good job choosing! This is my favorite colour actually," Logan grinned. @Castian Derfries
  12. There was somethings that Viola kept a secret or between her and that other person. She was sure that she had a good relationship with her father and that she was loyal to her father. Even though she did want to spend time with her mother that doesn't mean that she loved her father any less. She knew what she wanted in her life and she was going to get there no matter what she had to do. "We could go to the beach in Paris and have a beach day and I am hungry for a little snack."
  13. Damon was excited but he knew that he had to go out and buy a new outfit that would be good enough for him to wear on the date. Even though Delphine was his girlfriend he still wanted to impress her. Of course he was going to look through his outfits that he had and tried to find the perfect outfit. He kissed her on her forehead and held her close to him. He never really told anyone besides his parents that he loved them so it was a special moment for him. He couldn't imagine the moment going any differently than how it went.
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  15. Kenneth smiled as she snuggled in against his side and he leaned his cheek against the side of her head. He nodded in agreement to what she said as she clinked her glass against his, before he took a sip from his drink. He smiled as she turned to wrap her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder before he kissed the top of her head. "We all make mistakes," he whispered back to her, knowing what she was talking about. Ken reached up so he could gently place his finger under her chin and lift it up so he could lean down and give her a quick kiss. "I love you."
  16. Kenneth couldn't take his eyes off her to even look around at the decorations that she had put up. He didn't really care what the wedding looked like as long as she was the woman that was standing by his side during it. She looked incredibly beautiful and she was his and they were both happy, that was all that mattered. Ken hugged her back as she hugged him and he gave her a small squeeze before he nodded when she said that she would be right back and walked away. While he waited he wondered if she had planned a secret honeymoon behind his back as well and a small smirk formed on his lips as he thought about all the places they could go and all the things they could do together. Kenneth watched as she walked back over with the priest, before he reached down to hold her hand again. He somewhat listened to the priest as he said his speech but he mainly focussed on her. He did notice when it was his turn though and he grinned at Tatiana as he said, "I do. I promise to be there for you through life's ups and downs, and I promise to be your best friend for the rest of our days."
  17. Skylar was almost glad that Alex tried the cupcake before she said what she needed to tell her. She felt the panic, or at least she figured it was Panic since she hadn't been feeling sick before hand, really set in when all Alex said was questioning it and she could see the wheels spinning in her head. We weren't trying or anything like that it just kinda happened. I'm roughly a month along but I just found out last week. She said before scratching the back of her neck feeling like Alex wasn't excited about it. Skylar had been so worried mainly because of the fact that Alex was already pregnant but she couldn't abort it, though she had considered it. She couldn't do that to herself, she didn't realize she wanted a kid until Alex was pregnant and she didn't plan on having her own because there was already one baby on the way. Are you upset? She was hoping that Alex was just slightly surprised and was okay with it at least but understood why she wouldn't be.
  18. Alex frowned when he told her that he hadn't gotten her anything because he didn't know what to get her. While it made sense and she was glad that he hadn't just gotten something random that she wouldn't have liked, she had gotten used to him spoiling her. She didn't like wasting his money either though so it was a good thing that he hadn't just bought something that she might not have liked. But what was it that she did want? A lot of the things that she wanted he couldn't exactly go out and buy for her. To be with him and Skylar until her dying breath, to have their son be born and live a full, healthy and happy life. Alex thought about it for a moment before she gave up and shrugged. "You know, there's not really much out there that I want. Besides that this restaurant better have some damn good food," she laughed lightly.
  19. Alex smiled at her girlfriend as she laughed when she said that the cupcakes were adorable. She looked them over for a moment, noticing that there were two different kinds before she decided on a vanilla one with chocolate frosting and picked one up. She peeled the wrapped back on the cupcake so she could take a bite out of it, as she listened to Skylar tell her that there was a reason they had storks on them. She had thought that the cupcakes were for her since she was obviously heavily pregnant by this point. Alex raised an eyebrow when she told her not to freak out and she realized that Sky was acting a little strange. She set her cupcake down on the kitchen counter before she covered her mouth as she started coughing at her news. "What?" She asked, surprised by the news. Her brain assumed that they had planned this, because what were the odds that they would both up being pregnant by mistake at the same time. But she knew that that couldn't be true, surely they would have told her if they had planned on having a child of their own.
  20. Brooklyn chuckled lightly when he accepted her arm and told her to lead the way. So she did just that and walked out of the bowling alley and down the street a little way to where there was a mini-gold course and other things to do. "Have you ever played golf?" She asked as she walked up to a window to get them golf clubs and balls.
  21. "I know you won't. You love talking about it. You're obsessed with talking about saving yourself. I didn't call you here to rant on and on and on about your virginity, you know." But, if Talon wanted to be exclusively someone's, then he could very easily be Risel's. Then he would be exclusively dating him, even if Risel wasn't really returning the sentiment, and they'd both get something they wanted. "Oh, I don't think you're undesirable, I just don't want a random person sneaking into my room in the middle of the night, and certainly not sneaking in to have sex with me. I want things planned before I do them. I don't even like the servants randomly sneaking in and they already live with me. Besides, like I already warned you, Maiel will likely not take too kindly to your random appearance. But if you want to try something, we'll plan it now and do it in future." Had Risel not made it obvious that he wasn't interested in discussing this topic much further? It wasn't something he was really super comfortable with at the moment. "I was almost married but I don't see why that would make that much of a difference. I wasn't just with her." Did Talon think that Risel was suddenly going to resort to monogamy for no good reason? Because he was getting married? Purposefully avoiding two of Talon's questions, Risel skipped to the last, not willing to share too much information. "A year ago. I was nineteen." How young had Talon thought he was? A conversation about his father was awkward too, admittedly, but relatively more comfortable. Risel had always liked his father. "Daddy and I used to practice archery together. Or rather, he taught me to shoot. And we rode together too. If you want, we can look at the horses, but I don't wish to waste too long on this tour."
  22. Sky couldn't help the smile that crossed her face when Alex said how she loves surprises. She was still nervous about the fact of what she had to tell Alex and how Alex might react. I know you do. She said with a smile as she saw Alex get excited about the fact that there were cupcakes. She chuckled at the fact that found them adorable before she rolled her neck and took a deep breath in. So there is a reason that they have little storks on them. Promise not to freak out. She blinked a couple times and took another deep breath before she opened her mouth again to talk, but at first nothing came out. Alex, I'm pregnant. She said before blinking a couple time waiting for her reaction, half expecting her to not want to have a cupcake anymore.
  23. Eli chuckled as she promised there would be no fires. He hoped there wouldn't be anything that would make her upset enough for the fires to even warm up but if necessary he would handle it. I'm gonna hold you to that. He shook his head, still smiling at the fact that he was actually in France with Beatrice. He looked over as she said that she was fine with the staying in, which he had figured since she still wasn't 100% after the port key. He nodded as he looked at the options on the menu smiling that her champagne was on the list but his usual Bourbon wasn't. He looked at the list before deciding on a beer, classic and typically pretty good. He found a coffee stout on the menu that sounded good and used the phone to call for the service. Hey, yeah once flute of champagne and one coffee stout? He paused and turned to Bea Or do we want the whole bottle?
  24. Last week
  25. Brooklyn smiled back at she reached out to shake Aine's hand. She opened her mouth to say that of course she would keep in contact, but then she heard her say that she was Ravenclaw Head of House and she grinned. "You work at Hogwarts?" She had been out of school for a while but it was still nice to meet the current head of her former house. Brook chuckled softly as Aine pointed at her stomach. "Ya, that sounds nice."
  26. Talon wouldn't exactly call it strange. In a way he thought it was kind of special to know that that one person has never been with anyone else. His parents were that way. In fact, in a way that's why he'd been saving himself from having actual sex because when he did give himself to someone finally, he wanted them to know that they were just that special to him and that they were the only one for him. Was it so wrong to want what his parents had? "I don't really think it's so strange. I won't give myself fully until I know he's 'the one'. I want to be exclusively his." He wasn't surprised at all by the fact that Risel wasn't even sure if he'd ever been with a virgin before. He didn't seem the type that wasted a lot of time talking beforehand. Wait! Did he just... " What?! I mean... didn't you just spend the last two nights making sure I knew just how undesirable I am and that in no uncertain terms did you ever want to have sex with me? In fact, I'm quite sure you've spent the last several hours warning me not to try sneaking into your room to have sex with you! And now you want to try... try... you know... with me?" Talon could feel his whole body heating up and his breath caught in his throat. This was very bad! It was much easier to resist knowing Risel didn't want him anyway! Hmm, he was curious to know more about this whole situation with the friend and his sister but he could tell Risel was closing himself off from the subject. "You were almost married? But what about having more than one sex partner? I thought you said you couldn't be with just one? Or is that why your friend stopped being your friend? Did you love here?" He could feel a slight twinge of jealousy but he tried not to think about what it could mean. "How long ago was this?" So maybe there was hope for the man after all. Surely someone who was almost married couldn't be that incapable of love! "Yes, I forgot. Nothing dirty. You're missing out though, it's very relaxing to dig in a garden." Talon wished himself that he had more time for such things. It didn't help that he lived in an apartment either. He would give anything to have his own garden to tinker around in. He listened with interest as Risel explained the history behind the different displays of flowers and his story about the hedge maze. "It sounds as if you and your father were very close. I'm sure the maze is amazing. What else did you and your father do together?"
  27. Brian listened to what Bruno and then Henry said and smiled agreeing with Henry, Reyna was very strong more than she looked anyway. "You both have amazing parents who support you both through anything. Remember that Bruno" Brian said, yes he wasn't happy in the beginning that they were expecting at all and he nearly locked her away but he knew deep down he was being selfish and cruel he loved Reyna and he wanted her to be happy this was their story, and he was just happy to be along for the ride. Brian saw Bruno as his son now regardless if they were married or not, he was part of his family now and family stick together through thick and thin. Reyna needed to giggle to light then mood up which eased Bruno he seemed less stressed out now that she had laughed, I know I really can't wait to meet them both. Our babies, our family. Though she was nervous she wondered if her motherly instincts would just take over and she would know what to do. But she had two head strong woman for advice and support if she needed it which made her feel so much better about herself, she wasn't alone she didn't need to fret. Reyna burst into laughter at Henry's words the last part anyway, No not another door... please but yes I promise I'll get them out, thank you being here I know it's hard on you.. her voice apologetic at the end, she knew what the endured and she couldn't think of the pain that went through carrying the baby and then not being able to take him or her home because they were lifeless. As he wiped her forehead she looked at him lovingly he was really supportive right now and she needed that it encouraged her more, though she was exhausted already, but she would still keep going until she couldn't physically move if it reached that. Panting as he kissed her head she smiled at him weakly, I'm so tired to everyone as she took a moment to catch her breathing closing her eyes for a moment. Thank you dad it sounded weird but good as she spoke to Henry and smiled and pushed. Jane hugged Alice as she cried softly watching how Reyna involved everyone in the birthing it was a dead sweet idea, and hopefully not to be done anytime soon either. As the head was coming she let out a small loud scream as she pushed and pushed, using everything she had left to deliver the baby out. As Thomas grabbed the baby and informed them they had a girl she panted leaning more against the side after letting go of the mans hands as she breathed hard. Jane was given the female and she was shaking holding her granddaughter as she cooed her with Alice beside her. Henry hugged Reyna who was still catching her breath, as she weakly wrapped her arms around him. Closing her eyes she smiled knowing they were giving her a moment she needed one, maybe six of them. As Bruno came beside her she lifted her head up and pressed it against his shoulder as she held onto his waist, she nodded her head letting him do the talking she was wiped out mentally and physically right now. As he grabbed her and kissed her she was surprised by the passion in it and returned it though it wasn't her normal fierce kiss as she was exhausted but she tried. Thomas announced that they could all retire out of the room back to the suit but Reyna needed to stay and pass the placenta first. I'll stay here you all go I'll be fine she said looking at Bruno he could leave too, she wouldn't be long she was sure of that.
  28. Alex laughed softly as she watched Zade used magic to get his shorts and pull them back on. She watched as he laid back and floated in the water while she sat down on one of the steps and wiggled her toes in the water. She raised an eyebrow when he playfully asked if she had a boyfriend, and she looked down at her giant baby bump. "I don't know, what do you think?" She smirked back at him as she caressed her stomach.
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