What is Magical Awakenings?

Magical Awakenings, commonly referred to as MA, is a forum-based role-playing game established in the world created by J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series. However, we have taken the wonderful world she has created and given it a few tweaks here and there to create an unique writing experience. We are a forum created for writers, by writers. Our most important duty is to ensure each writer is treated with respect and integrity - while providing a place free from drama and a place open to each writer's creativity.

MA offers writers the chance to create characters in France, Norway, and the United Kingdom. Whether they are enrolled in one of the magical schools, work for the magical government, or happen to be a muggle in a magical world - it's all possible! Grab ahold of the portkey below and get started writing today!


Boasting the third largest population of magical folks within the EMU, France is home to Beauxbatons and has become the art center within the EMU.


With the second largest population of magical folks within the EMU, Norway is home to Durmstrang and has become the tourist center within the EMU.

United Kingdom

Home to the largest population of magical folks within the EMU, the United Kingdom is home to Hogwarts and has become a historical center within the EMU.

European Magical Union

The European Magical Union is a politico-economic union of the magical communities of France, Norway, & the United Kingdom. With nearly 20.7% of the magical population under its jurisdiction, the EMU was established as a way to keep the large communities safe and interconnected.

Encyclopedia Magica

The Encyclopedia Magica is the text that guides the brand of magic on Magical Awakenings. Here you can read up on many of the things that are controlled by magic and how to deal with our large community. Most items are taken from the canon of JK Rowling, however we have added much information or modified it to fit our community. This is the guiding force of our site and is taken as our own site canon.